Patricia Field Has A Lot of Explaining To Do

ebay item 5424788544

There is so much wrong with this dress that I'm not sure where to start. I suppose the color is always a good place — teal is supposed to be big this year, but the teal that's big this year is more mallard, less HoJo's. The tan piping, the lumpy sleeves, the neck band, the elastic waist: all shudder-inducing.

However, what really struck me about this dress (which is for sale on eBay for ten bucks or "best offer") is that the listing describes it as "This is definitely a dress you would see Carrie wearing while roaming through the city." Now, I have been known to look in a mirror and say "is this too 'Carrie Bradshaw'?" (and if the answer is "yes," I take whatever it is off. As you might have already guessed, I identify clothing-wise with Charlotte.) but this constant invoking of her name, attaching it to every hideous sartorial excess imaginable, has Got To Stop.

Carrie would not wear this dress roaming around the city, unless the plot involved her joining the witness protection program, in which case the "city" in question would be Duluth. This is the dress equivalent of a hair scrunchie. This dress cannot exist in the same plane of reality as Mr. Big. There is not a pair of Manolos ever made that could redeem this dress. Slapping "Carrie" on it won't change the fact that this is a horror.

Of course, now that I post this, someone will find some still of Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie dressed in something exactly like this. I will maintain that it's the lost "Witness Protection" episode. Or I could just say "Hey, so I was wrong. Carrie would wear it. But YOU still shouldn't wear teal terrycloth elastic-waist dresses, okay?"

0 thoughts on “Patricia Field Has A Lot of Explaining To Do

  1. Carrie would only wear that with enormous ruffles, flowers, or bows attached somewhere stupid.It’s not nearly hideous enough for Carrie.


  2. I think I bought a sweatshirt in exactly that color back in 1983, or thereabouts. Now, at that time, Sarah Jessica Parker was best known for her role as a geeky junior high schooler in “Square Pegs”, and I could see her character (“Patty”) showing up in something like that. Maybe the ebay poster just got the wrong role?


  3. That dress is indeed horrendous. It looks like something out of Norma Kamali’s 1983 fall collection.BTW, I hear that teal isn’t selling well here (West Coast), but that it is flying off the shelves on the East Coast. I wonder if we’ll see much of it on people this season? So far, the most teal I’ve seen is on accessories, and on boring Vince cashmere v-necks. I also vote for more photos of your dresses.


  4. Sarah Jessica Parker might have worn something like that in the early 80’s maybe! Although even her character in Square Pegs wouldn’t have been caught dead in something that hideous.


  5. i hate the dress allison hannigan is wearing the colours are really disgusting also you should get sarah michelle gellar to model one of these dresses or allisa milano or rose mcgowan or holly marie combs or shannon doherty i would buy them then!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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