You'd think this one would be more attainable, but no.

boden chic dress

You'd think this Boden "Chic" dress would be more attainable than yesterday's designer frock, wouldn't you? But you'd be wrong — most of the sizes have an eight-week wait. (Ebay didn't turn up any, either.) Sigh.

If you don't mind this dress showing up after Thanksgiving (warning to Canadians: I mean US Thanksgiving), by which time you probably will have forgotten you ordered it, go ahead and click on the picture. It's $128. This particular colorway has a name so English it seems nearly self-parodying: Treacle Tara Spot. I mean, that's practically the name of a show dog, isn't it?

0 thoughts on “You'd think this one would be more attainable, but no.

  1. I almost ordered this stunner before recalling that I have seven new dresses I haven’t even worn yet! Curse you.You should look at (and maybe blog) the dresses at and ;)–NK


  2. Yeah, I keep looking at that page in the catalogue, but I’ve come to consider Boden shopping a catch-and-release sport. Maybe it’s something about the very fallible UK-to-US size conversion chart, or maybe it’s just that I’m not English, but I find that about 85% of the stuff I order from them goes right back. Too dowdy, too blobby, too clingy, or just plain ugly. So if I ordered this dress, and waited the eight weeks, as soon as it came I’d more than likely have to pack it right back up. I’m taking my chances on a couple of skirts in this catalogue but passing on the dress.Of course, when they’re on, they’re on. Do you happen to remember the red halter dress with white polka dots and kind of brownish flowers from the summer catalogues? It was as hot on me as anything could possibly be. (Note, however, that I had to order it in two sizes and return the bigger one.)


  3. Cute, yes: but I must admit that the floral print alternatives make me think of the awful poly jersey prints that infested my high school, back when the dress was around the first time.I can’t say I share the love all that much, which is good, given the sizing issues. Since when is a British 6 an American 10? The two sizing systems used to be one size apart — or maybe two. And as far as the Canadian sizing goes, they still are (the British 10 is a Canadian 8, and so on).I think the manufacturers should abandon sizes altogther and rely on the actual measurements of the GARMENT, which would work.


  4. *I* could make this dress for you in less time than that…oh, except I’m three weeks behind on costuming crap. Damn it.I do want the shoes, though.–Lydia


  5. this is sable fable and definitely NOT treacle tara spot, which is a brown colourway with big spots on….naturally.


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