Mignonette Dress

Mignonette Polka Dot Dress

File this one away for next summer — so cute and only $60! I love sweetheart necklines, so pretty without being too revealing.

Speaking of revealing, I was googling for "peacock dress", because I had idly remembered that I wanted to find one of those flapper peacock dresses. Instead, I found this body-paint "dress." Probably not safe for work.

Anyway, please turn your attention back to the polka-dot dress. It's completely not appropriate for the rainy cold weather we're having here now, so all the more reason to consider it, at length, now, and bookmark it for next summer.

One thing — the nice folks at mignonette in Brooklyn are very proud of their dress fitting ALL THE WAY UP to a size 12/B34! Sigh. Because we all know there's NO ONE in Brooklyn who is bigger than THAT. Ah, well, if you really like it, write them and see if they'll grade their patterns up to at least a size 16, preferably to 18 or larger, because this is a style that's really great on bigger gals.

0 thoughts on “Mignonette Dress

  1. Well, they do deserve to be chid a little, it’s true, but I see on their site that they’re pointing out the dress will fit a size 12 who’s got a 34D bust, which is different from a pattern measurement of B34. That said, this would be a lovely dress in a larger size.


  2. At least this dress has the White Sox colors, black and white. I’d make a little cocktail hat in black charmeuse, white Russian veiling with black chenille dots, and plop on a White Sox emblem and wear with this dress and the chapeau inside someplace warm. Think my picture would end up in the Chicago Tribune, Erin?


  3. I totally missed the “D” part. That does make a difference … Thanks!And vintagecrochetgirl, you’d totally make the Trib AND the Sun-Times. And probably the Daily Southtown, if that’s still around …


  4. Looks a ringer for Burda 8349 View B, with a knit subbed out for the satin, (which would account for “accomdating” a D cup.)(I love that the Burda version provides me with bra strap slippage, if by some twist of fate I am not able to provide my own. Unlikely.)


  5. Hi – it does look like a ringer for the Burda. bummer. that’s my dress! i made the pattern in draping class at FIT. i guess there really is nothing new under the sun. ps – we go up to size 22 in all of our dresses, the site’s been updated since you saw it last, probably.


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