The Candy Corn Fairy Never Came For Me

candy corn dress
Okay, I was googling for a "candy corn dress" (as you do) and I came across this. Which is nothing like what I wanted, which was some justification for my plan to make my own candy corn dress, which would be a very simple full-skirted dress pieced in broad stripes of white, yellow, and orange, with brown piping. Subtle, you know, so people couldn't really tell if I were in costume or just had atrocious taste. Because that's how I like to play Halloween–right on the line of "Costume? Or just crazy?"

Last night I went to my little boy's school Halloween party. I went, by request, as Princess Leia, although I don't really have the hair for it. So I was just in a long white belted cassock with a toy gun stuck in my belt. Anyway, I noticed that one of the teachers had nice saddle shoes and a full skirt and I was thinking "great outfit" until it hit me that it was, in fact, a costume. So perhaps the "crazy?" part of "Costume or crazy?" can also be applied to the observer.

Of course now I know a really easy costume for next year, even if I don't make the candy corn dress, because I could dress 1950s out of my closet without even TRYING. (I have two pairs of saddle shoes. I buy them from here.) And that would also suit my goal of having folks be unsure if I were in a costume or not ….

Anyway, if you have someone in your life that would be thrilled to dress as a candy corn fairy (besides me, of course) you can buy them this costume for $39.50. Unfortunately, the wings, bag, Deely-bobbers, and shoecovers are sold separately, and you will have to arrange for the loss of front teeth yourself, although I consider that last an essential part of the costume!

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