Fath, fast.

Jacques Fath
I try not to post things that aren't wearable, but this is something I'm making an exception for (thanks to Joanne!). Take a look — the color, the lines. It's on eBay for a another day or so, from the seller tiptoemole, who has a wonderful listing for it.

It's not wearable because of damage to the underarms — the silk is splitting, which is always sad. But part of the beauty of dresses is that they are ephemeral; every time you wear them their lives are shortened. Dresses are consumed, slowly, by their wearers.

Okay, now that I've made myself maudlin and melancholy on a bright November morning, go look at this dress. Go bid, and then you can have it as an objet d'art. You can even do what I do, which is have a crazy dress on a vintage dress form clutting up your living room. Mine is pink with a beaded sweetheart bodice. With a monkey mask on top. (Monkey mask optional.)

I was going to make the picture a really annoying animated one so that you could see the back, which is low cut AND double-breasted (and sadly, missing buttons) but I refrained. Which means now you HAVE to go check out the auction listing. Go on. Go see!

0 thoughts on “Fath, fast.

  1. ooh that is sooo pretty…wish i had the money for it… oh wellby the way.. im new here and something has been bugging me so i better ask.. when all of u say “patterns” do you actually mean to MAKE the dresses yourself?!! That is just freaking amazing..I have been known to never sew a straight line.. (and on the sewing machine too)how the heck do you do it?!can i hire you when i want dresses?


  2. It’s pretty hard to hire most hobby-sewer to sew, because we never have time to sew for OURSELVES, much less anyone else. That said, learning to sew is not especially difficult. It only requires the bare minimum of patience (I know, because that’s all I have) and the willingness to really screw up. Repeatedly.Go to your local fabric store and ask about classes. Some of them even provide machines to learn on! Check out the Reader’s Digest Sewing Book — that one I think is very helpful, with lots and lots of pictures. The Singer books are helpful, too. Good luck!


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