Orange? Check. Plaid? Check. Love? Check.

orange plaid 1930s dress

Look at this gorgeous set that Mary Beth sent to my attention. Isn't it amazing? The jacket comes off and there's a cute little low-backed gown under it. Picture it with a tight marcel wave and Fred Astaire attentively handing you a cocktail. I love, love, love the quilting at the hem and have resolved to do that kind of mock-trapunto work on a skirt soon, if not immediately.

It's at Vintage Martini, click on the image to visit the page listing. It's a B32, and it's $425, and it's missing a button, but I wish I could buy it just to look at it every once in a while, and imagine the Busby Berkley dance scene that would take place on the terrace while this dress was being worn on the balcony. I'm pretty sure it would involve giant mock champagne bottles and feathers, aren't you?

0 thoughts on “Orange? Check. Plaid? Check. Love? Check.

  1. As I told Erin earlier this dress would be handy when you have a cold. You simply stuff your Kleenex down your cuffs. Excuse me while I go sneeze and search for some tissue for my tender nose…


  2. You know, I am usually all, gung ho about vintage and agree with your choices most of the time…but this is just odd. I quite like the quilting details though.


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