Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Dress

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit dress
I am pretty sure that this dress has nothing to do with Updike, but if anyone googles anything different, let me know. Msbelle sent this one to me, last week sometime, and it's been growing on me ever since. It's at Nordstrom, $88, and the only thing I don't like about it is that it's polyester. (I'm a fiber snob, although I know polyester is getting nicer and nicer, it's still not as nice as silk. I'd rather have a nice rayon than polyester, even.)

I wish this dress was sold with two or three midriff bands. Velvet would be a nice alternative to the satin, and a color or a print would help make this dress a real workhorse.

Sorry no post yesterday; I was out buying some kickass fabric — seriously, some of the best fabric I've seen in ages. I'll try to scan it towards the end of the week and post it. Warning: more mock plaid on the way. And it totally makes up for me losing the auction for this fabric …

popsicle fabric

0 thoughts on “Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Dress

  1. The black dress is something like Vouge 7820..(And thank you *very* much for the heads up on the ebay seller macojero. great service, also, I told her where I heard of her store and she seemed very pleased. (:)and..Hotpatterns is taking orders again now, I think..hippiechickdresswise.may take a month to shipwise.kelly


  2. Hotpatterns has ALREADY sold out the Violet coat. I weep. I thought long and hard about the Wong-Singh-Jones sari tunic, but in the end opted for the Hippy Chick dress — not the ruffly one, but the one with the Y yoke..


  3. Happy endings: I ordered the hippie chick dress last week; soon it will be mine! And I checked the listing again and saw that the seller of the popsicle fabric had more … FOUR (almost FIVE!) YARDS MORE. So I asked her to list it as a BIN item and she did, so that it is now ALSO MINE. ::evil laughter while training destructo ray on Moon::I probably won’t make the hippie chick dress with the popsicle fabric, though. Thinking about doing that makes my mind melty.


  4. I can’t wait to see what I make with it, too. It’s not very wide (maybe 40 inches tops)? I’ll have to see how heavy it is. I hope it’s nice and heavy. Supposedly it mailed yesterday. Of course it is four months until I can actual wear light cotton outside. Stupid winter.


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