fine feathers

Stark/Berin Dress

Look carefully — the feathers are satin, not actual feathers. Click on the image to visit and see the details; they're astounding. The dress is nearly $1500 (!) but even at that "price point", it's already reserved.

I love the color, the applique, the tulle … I'm a huge fan of this kind of dress, simple lines with over-the-top embellishment, but monochrome. I think this would make a gorgeous swan-like wedding gown (even though it's not WHITE, go on, defy the bridal paradigm!), but I'm not sure if a swan gown's a good thing or a bad thing. I have a vague feeling that swan brides in folktales usually lead to a lot of unnecessary complications, so perhaps that's not quite what you want to start your married life by invoking.

If you have a little time spend it clicking around on that site and making a list of what you'd buy if you won the lottery … I have my eye on their Ceil Chapmans, but the rest is fair game.

0 thoughts on “fine feathers

  1. Oh my. I am freaking out over this dress, especially after seeing the closeup of the “feathers.” Luckily, I’m pretty sure it’s exactly the color that looks worst on me, so I don’t even have to worry about the size or the price. But MAN. Love.


  2. “I think this would make a gorgeous swan-like wedding gown (even though it’s not WHITE, go on, defy the bridal paradigm!)” Oh yes, please, DEFY THE BRIDAL PARADIGM! Y’all have good taste in wedding dresses.Madelene


  3. Why is it that these sites always know the value of their merchandise and aren’t letting it go at oh say…20.00? About the fantasy ginko leaves fabric…I can only do 12×12 silk squares, (it’s my college major you see). If you’re inclined to wearing scarves?


  4. I wish I were a scarf person, but I am just not ept that way. Thank you, though!I do have one that I used to wear quite often, as a little neckerchief: it has Scrabble tiles on it. One of my other huge fetishes is for alphabet-print clothing …


  5. had an Italian fabric very much like this recently. Instead of pale pink leaves there were flowers. I regret I didn’t buy some before it was sold out.


  6. My mouth`s just watering 2 catch a glance on it…I dont think dat always the wedding gown should be white,if somebody loves 2 do something,She should be WELCOME.But ofcourse she should decide them wz her GONNA-BE-HUBBY..U know,in Bangladesh & India, according 2 the rules or customs regardig 2 their culture,the Bride `ll wear RED (BENARASHI or Kataan or Crep Tissue )–(different types of fabric)Saree.But it was a MUST system in the past.`Cause nowadaysBrides`re choosing Mauve,Pink, Honey,Rosy,Gold,Orange,Creamy,Peach,Sandy…even purple,lavender, offwhite,silver,…& so on…Though red`s a very lovely colour,but peoples love 2 taste something new…But,2 me….itz a MUST should be something which`ll give an eye-catching but divine look…Along with my LOVE..sitting closely……….OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH………….WWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW…… Just like 2 roses together..forever…WoW…


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