May I Digress?

prada Spring 2005 loafers

prada Spring 2005 loafers

I know I don't usually talk about shoes here, because so many other bloggers do it so well, and also because I believe someone's shoes are like their children: you should only give praise and never criticism (that is, if you want them to remain your friend!). However, take a look at these! The top pair, are (as the Manolo would say) the shoes of the surpassing comeliness, from the Prada. The bottom pair are the very faithful … homages, shall we say, from Via Spiga. Guess which pair I bought yesterday?

I've been obsessed with the Prada ones since last Spring, when I saw them in the March Vogue (the shoot with Andre 3000 and Liya Kebede) and everyplace else, and I came very, very close to buying a pair until I discovered I am constitutionally unable to spend nearly $400 on a pair of shoes. (I broke out in hives contemplating it.) I am, however, perfectly well able to spend $80 on a pair of shoes, especially when they are on sale at Bloomingdales and are the only pair left in my size …

What does this have to do with dresses, you say? Merely that a little black loafer, with a low vamp and a low heel, is simply the perfect shoe for the day dress. Dressy enough to wear to work, yet nicely informal with bare legs in the spring and summer, comfortable enough to walk long blocks, feminine (it's the low vamp) but not frilly or girly … I've been wearing variations of this shoe for more than twenty years, which I figure makes it a personal classic. There is nothing more universally appropriate before 6 PM than a cotton dress worn with loafers like these and a little cardigan. If I have anything even approaching a uniform it would be this combination.

I've already put together an eBay search for this style name in my size; I'll probably try to buy another pair before spring. When you find a perfect pair of shoes and for one reason or another, can't buy another pair right then, hie yourself to eBay and set up a recurring search for them. Everything shows up on eBay eventually, and with any luck you'll be able to grab another pair, and cheaper, even after they've left the stores.

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  1. I wore black Pappagallo flats all through teenagehood and I think I need to find them again. (Just checked eBay. They don’t have the ones I remember.)


  2. Ellen: I’ve been searching for the Pappagallos I wore in high school as well, but I’ve had no luck. Apparently the company is no longer in existence. The shoes I’m looking for were butter-soft flats in tons of colors with contracting laces around the sides and a tassle on the front. I had over 30 pairs of these shoes in the mid 60s, but they’re no where to be found, even on eBay. I was thinking of writing to a comparable shoe company and asking them if they could make them. Flats are so popular right, and I think they would be a big hit. Good luck in your search!


  3. We must be twins – I live in shoes like that at work! And, I would have chosen the Via Spiga ones, too. I can see spending $200 on a pair of shoes, but anything over that ain’t gonna happen!


  4. I also wore Pappagallo flats in the 1960s and LOVED them! Bought them at the Tweed Shop at the old Charlottetown Mall and cannot find any now. But I recently bought a pair of Rocket Dog shoes, on Ebay, Siren style and they are the soft leather with the cutouts and look ALOT like the old Pappagallos! Look for these! Good luck! Donna


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