No Nonsense

pintuck dress

I hope you can get a good enough idea of the gorgeousness of this dress from this slightly washed-out photo. This is the perfect dress to wear with an insouciant air of extreme competence, while still projecting that essential "I could crush you like a bug" vibe. This dress needs serious glasses, high round-toed heels, a pencil behind one ear, and a healthy dollop of Fracas or Chanel No. 5. Sexy secretary is not in it — this is sexy BOSS.

It's 34/25/35, and $68 (including shipping!) from Penny Lane Vintage, and it's magnificent. I would buy it myself (I'm a sucker for pintucks), and if it's still around in January I just might. I have two very similar dresses, not tucked, but with that high round neck and long lines, both black. I wear them when I need to be taken VERY SERIOUSLY INDEED.

Click around in the Penny Lane listings, there's some nice (and nicely priced) stuff to be had. It's not too late to make amendments to your Santa list. I hear he has an email address now …

0 thoughts on “No Nonsense

  1. That is a very hot dress. If I were teeny tiny, I’d buy it…I love the mental image you’ve drawn with the shoes and the chanel and all!


  2. I think anyone wearing that dress would have to be addressed — very respectfully — as Mistress.How well you’re looking today, Mistress Erin , , ,~Madelene


  3. *more drooling* Two hot black dresses in a row. Both are very meow in their own way. I love the pintucking on this one, gives it some great visual interest without being fussy. The cuffs are fantastic, as well. Sigh, I can’t wait until I have a skosh more free time so i can do some sewing just for me, as these dresses are wonderful inspiration, since I don’t have the wallet to buy them.


  4. What a beautiful dress – too bad that I’ve just discovered your blog, and it’s too late to buy (and besides, it looks like a couple of sizes too small for me). I could see myself totalliy wearing that to the office! (I have the Chanel #5 already!)


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