Ooh! Mod!

ebay item 6239679416

Okay, one more from Macojero's, inspired by Madelene who bought a different mod dress that I won't taunt you with (even though it was supercute) because she already bought it. (Duh.)

This one is so nice, with the completely non-functional shoulder tabs (to evoke epaulets?) and the diagonal lines, and no real place to put a pocket. And I've always loved that just-over-the-shoulder-point sleeve, although it's hard to make that look good without putting in a lot of time in the gym. Basically, I've just said I love this dress although it is: 1) non-functional 2) inconvenient and 3) unflattering. (To which I say ::bronx cheer::)

I have a ton of mod patterns, but I don't really ever sew with them. I just like to keep them around in case I miraculously turn into Jean Shrimpton overnight. Although even being Jean Shrimpton wouldn't make up for having to wear sticky plastic shoes and accessories. Vinyl is for records, not for shoes (or handbags).

0 thoughts on “Ooh! Mod!

  1. I really like Macojero’s ebay store; besides being chock-full of patterns, she has gone out of her way to make it easily searchable by era, size, style within eras, etc.I don’t know why I’ve been suddenly overtaken with Mod love, but I can’t get enough of looking at structured little dresses with lots of seam features, etc. I was so enamoured of the little dress pattern I bought that I completed the transaction before I fully realized it was sleeveless. Oh, well, it’s almost January 1, time to go back to the gym . . .aka Madelene


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