Simplicity 1517

I want this with an unnatural and possibly unholy desire. The dress on the left, natch. Which I want to make in sheer red organza with a red satin sash, in order to take it from "terrified (and heavily drugged) child bride" to "whore" in one short step, but either way it's wrong.

I could also see it in black organza, but that would be "I killed four husbands, but they can't prove anything! Want to come up for a drink, big boy?"

Somebody, do me a favor and click on the image to buy it before I lose all reason, 'kay? Cause it's my size and I might not be able to hold out much longer. It's $26, which is a small price to pay to avoid having to see me in red organza with ruffles. (Or, ooooh, grass green lawn! With a floral chintz sash!) Hurry! There's not much time.

0 thoughts on “Unholy.

  1. Rose you are NOT HELPING! :-)And I’m not saying I can pull this dress off, either. But boy do I want to try. What if I left the ruffles raw-edged? That would be edgy, right? MUST. STOP. THINKING. ABOUT. THIS. DRESS.


  2. I love the border print on the right, but I don’t think it’s easy to find good deep border prints at the moment. I love border prints: you can do such interesting things with them.


  3. Oh, absolutely in red; or come to think of it, black or grass green. Forget all the bride/whore/black widow stuff. The ruffles simply say, “You’ll never figure me out so no need to try, dear.”


  4. And it’s your size? Oh, just buy it. The world needs you in that dress!I found your LJ through b.org, BTW, and I was immediately hooked.


  5. I can still remember a double-page Vogue layout from many, many years ago that featured five or six models in black lacy evening dresses and one bra-less girl in a lace-bodiced red ball gown. The dresses were all by Valentino, so they kicked serious dress-butt. The girl in red looked like she was about to be the lead in a black mass, or something of the sort. Definitely THE center of attention. (Damn, I so wish I had torn out those pages and saved them in my Fabulous Dress folder!)Anyhoo, the dress on the left would be a reasonably obtainable facsimile of that red ball gown. Please buy the pattern, make the red dress, wear it to a party where every other woman is in a LBD, have a group picture taken (with you in the center, of course; bra optional), and post the picture here! :-))aka Madelene


  6. Ooooh. You must get it, and make it in red organza. And then black organza. And then figure out how to scale up the pattern so it will fit me, and I can have one made in black organza.


  7. Jonquil, Lydia just told me there are great Hawaiian border prints at fmart.com. And silver over black … mmmmm.The rest of you are NOT HELPING! Because now I’m also thinking how absolutely insane-Minnie-Mouse it would be in POLKA DOTS. The bigger the better, natch, and the sash in the reverse polka dot.


  8. Okay, okay, I don’t get the love for this dress, the border printed fabric on the right, but the left has Ruffles! and a sash and trim and I am probably just listing the resons you like it arent I? Tim Gunn would be appalled. I like this better.


  9. As I said before, you should just buy it, silly!And it seems like we all want you to make it your very next dress project — so we can see photos as soon as possible!


  10. janiello, I think the potential tension between the sweet ruffles and a slutty fabric (RED! LACE!) is what makes the left-hand version attractive.I don’t know if Tim Gunn would be that appalled; he’s tolerated a lot of wickety-whack trim this season from the better designers, as well as those who have been aufed.aka Madelene the PR addict


  11. So, I wanted the dress anyway, and even though I don’t have the time to sew anything for myself, nor the time to adjust the pattern down. Then, you keep going on with all the beautiful options…I will find this pattern, or its evil twin, and I will make every variation. Or, once I sober up, I may change my mind and only make the child bride or black widow version…and I will be drooling into the night…


  12. I’m thinkin’ that the red might make you look like one of those scary 60’s-70’s lamps with doll-base (usually wearing hoop skirts and carrying a parasol). My vote is grey with a red sash, or black with an ivory sash. Or what about ivory with an apple-green sash?


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