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I've never really been motivated to knit before, but this may change my mind — wow, what a dress! Of course, you can't see the skirt and the model looks just a bit as if she were planning a tri-state kill spree, but I'm sure that's not the fault of the dress. Maybe it's the fault of having to KNIT the dress. Hmm. I may have talked myself out of knitting again.

If you're still motivated, click on the link to see the eBay auction for this pattern book.

0 thoughts on “Motivation.

  1. Love the Blog, Love the commentary. You inspire me to sew. I never liked “fashion” because I thought it was limiting, this is “expansion thinking for fashion”


  2. I have a couple knitting pattern books with dresses. No way I’ll ever have the time or patience for these. Tiny tiny needles and thin thin yarn. I’d go bonkers.They are pretty to look at, though.–Lydia


  3. I have some great vintage knitting books that I mostly keep for entertainment purposes. “Cast on 500 stitches on #2 needles …” is NOT my kind of project. Casting on alone would take all day for me. My personal favorite is a teen book (Called “Gay Teen Ideas”) that had patterns for knitted Coke bottle cozies.


  4. Um, yes, but no.It would take me years to knit something like this by hand. I’d have to quit my job and just ride the subway all day, knitting. I’d get repetitive stress syndrome. I’d go blind. I’d have several tri-state kill sprees. And then, when I was finally done, the dress wouldn’t fit.Not that those aren’t all risks with any knitting project.


  5. Have you considered using a knitting machine to make the fabric? Some are manual, some motorized. A few years ago Vogue Knitting Magazine published a pattern that required yardage of hand or machine knit fabric and also gave tips on how to handle the fabric once the pieces were cut. Perhaps you could commision a knitting machine artisan for the fabric.


  6. Oh, yeah, a couple years ago I was looking into buying a knitting machine. My husband raised an eyebrow so high it left a mark on the ceiling. I bought a serger instead. 🙂


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