You Totally Thought I Was Kidding About Ebay Australia, Didn't You?

ebay item 6242983433
I probably wouldn't be as excited about this pattern if it weren't in French. Now that's a language that has an excellent PR department! I also like the complete insouciance of this pattern. The woman in this dress will take a break from cursing at you like a sailor to put on another coat of red lipstick. The woman in this dress can make a three-course meal in ten minutes from ingredients already in her refrigerator. The woman in this dress never lacks for conversation, and can make the most stolid person in the room light up like the Eiffel Tower on New Year's Eve. The woman in this dress will wear it in the morning with a bandana and flat canvas shoes to walk the dog, and twelve hours later with pearls and heels and a dollop of perfume to the theatre (she never goes to the 'theater', only the 'theatre'). The woman in this dress is conducting three serious flirtations simultaneously, and each of her flirt-ees wants to kill the other two men, messily.

I checked — this seller will ship internationally, and, well, the exchange rate is in your favor. Might want to add eBay Australia to your list of places to check for patterns. Not a lot there, but what's there is plenty cheap.

0 thoughts on “You Totally Thought I Was Kidding About Ebay Australia, Didn't You?

  1. Erin,I saw Reese Witherspoon on ET tonight talking about her vintage Chanel dress she wore to the Golden Globes.(I didn’t think it was flattering on her.) But she was saying how comfortable it was for vintage, and was very excited about the fact that it had pockets. I totally thought of you.


  2. I have purchased on eBay Australia and can testify to the wonders it holds. Several early century dress patterns in one lot for next to nothin.This dress is to-die-for! I have a thing for cut-on sleeves and I love the triangular shape of the top. Though it wouldn’t be a triangle on me. Merde!


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