This is the process.

Bottega Veneta Spring 06 dress

1. Fashion magazine arrives.
2. Dress #1 catches eye.
3. Internet search commences.
4. Collection found.
5. Hey, why'd they spend a kajillion dollars advertising THAT dress when THIS one (dress #2) is so much nicer?
6. Post dress #2.

This dress is wonderful — look at how it's cut to take advantage of the stripes. You don't see much of that anymore. And it's from Bottega Veneta, which I've never really paid much attention to, before. (I think their handbags are too fussy.)

For those of you who are curious, this was dress #1:
Bottega Veneta Spring 06 dress
The top dress is so much more striking, isn't it? I liked the general lines of this one, but not the nipple action (I can't think of anyone, personally, who goes out shopping for dresses with the idea "my nipples must be CLEARLY VISIBLE at all times"). Nor did I like the ruffles, which, when mixed with nipples, give that sought-after "trampy milkmaid" look. But hey, there was a midriff band!

I expect to repeat this process several more times this month. I haven't read all the February issues yet.

0 thoughts on “This is the process.

  1. That striped dress is amazing. It would flatter almost any body type, creating curve in the straight and flattering the curvy!


  2. Dress No. 1, with the midriff band, would be really gorgeous if it were (1) a different color and (2) worn with UNDERGARMENTS. Geez.


  3. You’re right–first thought: dress #1 is fabulous. Second thought: dress #2 is fabulouser. And what is it with bared nipples on the runways? Personally, I feel like it always totally detracts from the clothes. Although with some designers, that may be the whole point…


  4. Just looked at the whole collection, and I loved this dress too. Love the way the stripes and tucks at the waist combine for an almost-corset effect.Okay, it does vaguely resemble a circus tent…but in a good way. Me like.


  5. The brown dress looks like a fusion of victorian-contemporary. The striped dress looks more like a 70s-60s classic style. I love both dresses. But, if you want to keep your “headlights” from popping up from the the brown dress, I suggest you use some kinda reusable nipple covers to conceal them up.


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