Finally looked at the Golden Globes pictures

huh? who?

I don't know who this guy is, and I certainly don't want to tread on the toes of Go Fug Yourself, but really, what a jerk to drag that woman out of the house in her nightgown! She didn't even get to grab her robe. And to make her carry her Maltese like that, too! Poor dog!

It's a perfectly nice nightgown, but it's not an evening gown. Or even a "late afternoon" gown, considering when the Golden Globes are taped. If it weren't for the wide bands of "oh, I'm so sleeeeepy" lace, MAYBE I could see it as an evening gown. But those shoes? HAVE TO GO.

0 thoughts on “Finally looked at the Golden Globes pictures

  1. The guy looks like an aging Kevin Bacon. Too sad about that dress, although I suppose she was very comfortable. Just think, she can tell her children / grandchildren that she went to the Golden Globes in her jammies.A runner up to this dress is Drew Barrymore. I can’t find a pic of Drew presenting, probably for good reason. Drew’s 1930’s inspired dress was beautiful, marred only by one, er, two things, but that subject was covered last week. Amy


  2. I love asymmetrical hems, but I can’t take this one. I think I need to go to the rest room *now.* And those shoes? Don’t get me started…


  3. I thought Drew’s dress was beautiful, too, and agree that people need to lay off her and her (excellent) rack. Does anybody know who made Drew’s dress? I want to know if it was really vintage.


  4. Good grief. Not only does it look like a nighty, it’s an unflattering one. It makes her look like she has no torso. Do celebrities not own mirrors?


  5. Aw, if you’re gonna do a nightie, at least wear an interesting one. This one looks like she picked it up for $7.99 at Shopko. Okay kids, let’s be constructive: can anyone think of a way this dress might have been rescued? Even there I’m a bit stymied. If you cut off the cheesy hem, you’re just left with an almost-worse short nightie. For some reason the fabric just doesn’t look very rich under the lights. It looks like cheap tricot.I’m gonna go out on a limb and say cut it off into a camisole and pair it with something with some structure, like a full, sweeping ballgown-style skirt in a taffeta or heavy silk with a wide defined waist, in ivory. But then she’d also need to hoist the girls up a bit. Aw, heck: at this point we’ve basically thrown away the whole dress anyway…


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