More midriff! (Covered, of course.)

ebay item 6248331920

When something grabs my attention, I'm not easily shaken. This is essentially the same dress I posted a couple weeks ago — only with-set in sleeves and a couple of different skirts (and in a smaller size, so I can't go buy it the way I did the last one–egged on by Francis I might add).

If you can wear a bust 32, or grade it up, go for it. Look how cute the box-pleat skirt is!

I actually cut out the other dress (oh, hell, I'll repost the picture)ebay item 6242482551 in poplin in a color I call "old lady lavender". It's a color also called "orchid" or "that color Erin looks like death in." I figure it will make a decent muslin and I can always wear a black cardigan over it to keep the eeeevil away from my face. I'm thinking about putting black rickrack trim along the midriff seams and between the front and side (and back and side) pieces — what do y'all think?

I don't know why I bought it, other than my innate sense of perversity and the fact that it was $1/yd. I swear, put anything remotely wearable at $1/yd and I will buy ten yards of it. In fact, it doesn't even have to be remotely wearable; it just has to make me *think* it's remotely wearable, like the twenty yards of iridescent pink paillette trim I bought more than a year ago and still haven't done anything with. And the crazy knits that I never, ever sew … Oh, well. I suppose recognizing the problem is the first step toward solving it.

I am supposed to start blogging about NY Fashion Week today. I think that it will have to be tomorrow. Tune in then for a stunning exegesis of the entire Fashion Week phenomenon! Or not.

0 thoughts on “More midriff! (Covered, of course.)

  1. How comfortable are midriff band dresses, anyway? They look like they would constrict breathing. Yes, I know, of all the hang-ups to have. And darn it, the constant dangling of such dresses in front of me is making me think of making one.Amy


  2. If it’s cotton poplin, can’t you overdye it? I’ll bet you could even do it *after* you make up the muslin and find out that it’s wearable. Orchid/pale purple could go to a much darker purple, or to various shades of blue, don’t you think?


  3. I think I have that fabric! Fabricmartfabrics? .99 cents a yard?I bought 10 yards, I thought I would use it for muslin, but it’s almost a trenchcoat weight. I think…navy or mallard instead of black, but black would be nice too.-k


  4. I am currently making a jumper with some fabric I bought because it was only $1/metre. I will have enough left over to make something else with it too. I had quite a lot of some really ugly cotton with a bit of Lycra in it and finally made it into a skirt and a pair of pants. I am currently forcing myself to make something with all this stuff I bought on sale, before I am allowed out to buy something new and more fun… like a dress for the summer! Your blog is an inspiration for my (future) dress collection, thanks!


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