NY Fashion Week: Atil Kutoglu Fall 2006

Atil Kutoglu Fall 2006
Oh, the humanity!

Seriously. Who in any of the five planes of existence wants to dress up like a giant aqua blimp? Oh, excuse me, a giant aqua blimp with sheer stripes because the only thing that's sexier than a blimp is a blimp who's flashing her undies.

When people who don't like fashion want to claim that fashion designers hate women, this is the kind of image they seek out. It doesn't even have the dignity of the sack dress — the transparent stripes make sure of that.

How could you even sit in this? Sitting would turn that neckband into a choke collar.

Click on the image to see the rest of the collection. The pale-magenta striped satin jumpsuit is a doozy, too.

Maybe the shows later today or tomorrow will bring me something I like, or at least don't want to scrub my eyeballs after seeing. We can always hope.

9 thoughts on “NY Fashion Week: Atil Kutoglu Fall 2006

  1. Photos like that make me glad I’m not a model. Poor dear. Meanwhile, who do we think we’ll see wearing that on the red carpet? Chloe Sevigny? Maggie Gyllenhall? Nicole Richie? One or more Hiltons. ‘Cause you know some poor deluded exhibitionist is going to do it.Oh, I know, Bai Ling!


  2. Well, one could sow confusion among one’s enemies by wearing this sweater under that dress. . . . It’s a great day for fashion, it is.


  3. this dress from the same collection almost makes it. I’m also relieved to see in the larger photos at newyorkmetro.com, that the models are wearing flesh colored underwear. I’ve got to give props to the designer for allowing them that much dignity.


  4. I can’t speak for fashion designers, but at least one fashion reviewer for the Times sure doesn’t like women very much. See here for my rant.


  5. i actually like one of the dresses in the collection: the black paisley with only one sleeve. Luv it! everything else, ew!


  6. Actually, the Badgley Mischka blouson-topped dress in electric blue nylon jersey was worse than this. Just. This is a revolting dress in a pretty colour. That one, on the other hand, had it all: the cut was appalling, the colour unflattering, and the shoulder straps gave the RUNWAY MODEL turkey wattles in the armpits.The worst dress of the year.


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