Make Your Own Tartan! [Special Bonus Post]

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Several people, including Betsy and Grant, sent me this link to design your own tartan!

Being a Scot, I already have a tartan (and someday I might actually figure out which one it is), but I heartily endorse this. The future is NOW!

I believe the tartan on the left is the Coburg tartan, which Queen Victoria designed for Prince Albert (he of the eternal can imprisonment) as a consolation for his not being Scots, I mean, as a celebration of his Germanity. Now you don't have to be a queen to make your sweetie a tartan! Click on the image to visit the site.

0 thoughts on “Make Your Own Tartan! [Special Bonus Post]

  1. You could make such a fabulous taffeta ballskirt with the right tartan.Then you would go to a Burrrrrns Night and have everybody wondering “What the frell is that clan, anyway?” You could answer cheerfully that it was Clan Vagina Monologues or possibly the Tartan of Perpetual Indulgence.


  2. If I remember correctly, my ancestors’ tartan is pretty homely, with lots of orange (and not in a good way). So I’m just gonna pick the one I like best and claim it. Who’s ever gonna track down my genealogy?I did notice [with a jr. high-giggle] that the “Loch Ness” plaid has an algae-green base. Very appropriate.


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