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Why on earth does anyone over the age of six ever wear puffed sleeves? I can't think of anything less flattering or more irritating or more infantilizing, short of a hospital gown.

Look at these helpless young women, forced to endure these horrors. You see how they're both looking off to the side? They're waiting until their "handler" is distracted, so they can make a run for it. And the first thing they'll do, once they're over the fence and have outrun the dogs, is rip off those sleeves. Even if they have to use a razor blade "sterilized" in a match flame.

Anyway, if these sleeves don't make you cringe like watching someone take a needle in the eye, click on the image. You can buy it for less than $7, including shipping, as long as you're willing to sign over your immortal soul. What? I feel that strongly about the evil of these sleeves. (Picture me making the sign of the cross in an ostantatious manner.)

0 thoughts on “Sleeves of DOOOOOOOOM

  1. Now, now. Everybody has at least one good Fashion Hate. Sharing them is what makes them entertaining, and a good thing we can’t force ours on other people.Speaking for myself, short puffed sleeves are not my Best Look Ever – there were many jackets and tops made in the 70’s, and now making a reappearance, that fit my sturdy biceps like tourniquets. Since I wear Regency dresses professionally upon occasion, I have to wear them, but at least I can make sleeves that fit.


  2. I must admit: my first thought when I saw this picture was, “Cute!”Take a look at the ballet neckline. The wider neck saves the dress from looking too much like “Square Dance” [towards which the vastly ruffled sleeves are leaning] and gives it more of a “Roman Holiday” sort of feel.Picture it in a sophisticated print like this one and without the ruffle on the sleeve. Maybe just a small cuff instead; or at least cut the eyelet. Not too shabby!…


  3. I think high puffed sleeves are charming up till say, age 30. Puffed sleeves to the elbow still look good with the right outfit, especially if there’s a 17th-century ruffle continuing below the elbow. And leg-o-mutton sleeves rock.


  4. Jessica, those patterns hail from the early days of commercial patterns (and, for that matter, early mail-order clothing). The Size 10 actually denoted age – the Size 10 pattern was meant, in fact, to fit a 10-year-old-girl. I’ll check one of my reference books, but in fact there was a crossover between the girls’ Age 10 and Age 12 patterns and the Misses’ Size 10 and Size 12 patterns. A Size 16 was for a 34″ bust, and it was expected that the wearer was Sweet Sixteen as well. Now, of course, the numbers mean absolutely nothing. (The sizing on patterns has changed 3 times since their inception, not counting the totally different sizing of the Vogue Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina patterns.)And, FWIW, Claudette Colbert had a 32″ bust measure. 🙂


  5. I’ve bought three puffed-sleeve blouses from MARC by Marc Jacobs. I’m closing in on 40 and somehow don’t feel at all silly in them. I know I should feel silly, and I’ve always contended that puffed sleeves are heinous, but Marc did them right. Right? Or, am I just a jamolk with three very fine candidates for Goodwill? What do you think?


  6. Whew. Labelladonna, I’m glad that you officially confirmed what I already vaguely assumed: sizes aint what they used to be. My sister gave me an old skirt from a thrift store the other day, size 12, and it fits me…at least, it fits me about 4″ above my waist, at the smallest point on my ribcage. Good thing high-waisted is back in. I’m gonna need suspenders to hold this baby up, though; either that, or I won’t be able to exhale.


  7. Yes, Iopine Marc Jacobs knows how to make a blouse. I love his little blouses. I have not bought one tho. I decided Iam going to have one made. Iam over 40.Some puffed sleeves are cute and some are gawd awful. It just depends on your taste. I have seen both.


  8. Actually what you want is the sign of the midriff band.As in “By the Adorable Midriff-Band I abjure you: Avaunt!”And so forth.


  9. Now, now, Erin, puff sleeves are beautiful, and they can wreck a good dress if they aren’t used with specific designs. They are gorgeous when used right.~Dannielle


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