Yoko Flower Dress

Marc Jacobs Yoko Flower

Isn't this pretty? Pretty, when it comes to dresses, is underrated. There's way too much attention to sexy, and not enough to pretty. Sexy always seems like a proposition, a prologue, while pretty can be enjoyed for its own sake. I say, take care of the pretty, and the sexy will take care of itself. This is firmly in the range of pretty, but it's not unalluring, by any means. I love the color, and the pattern, and the twisty bias trim. It's Marc by Marc Jacobs (as opposed to, what? Howie by Marc Jacobs? I know they need to distinguish their lower-priced lines, but can't they call it something less tautological?) and it's really cute. And it's one of the few dresses I've seen lately with short sleeves! Why is everything sleeveless, or worse, strapless? (I blame the seemingly all-powerful sequined-shrug industry.) I'll even overlook the (very slight) puff to the sleeves. Marc (as iopine pointed out in the comments of my puffy-sleeves rant) does do nice puffed sleeves.

This is giving me good ideas for some of the silk I bought in China, honestly. I am having trouble deciding what to do with it (other than DURO DURO DURO) but this general shape seems very nice for spring, and the bias trim is a nice detail and gets rid of the need for facings and hems, my two least-favorite things to sew! And I think the bands at the hem and the waist aren't over seams, but are just appliquéd — I'd like to take a look at this in person, and find out.

It's at Nordstrom for $358 (gulp — but it is silk twill) click on the image to see the buy-it page.

0 thoughts on “Yoko Flower Dress

  1. Sorry for the negativity, but there is something about the cut of the bodice that makes the model’s breasts look saggy. The girl is too young to need a bra so I blame the dress.


  2. I saw this dress last night on netaporter.com. Which I’d never visited before, and never will again, after discovering that on that site, an XXL is a size 12!Oh The Humanity!


  3. Ooooh, yes. Pretty! I lurve the fabric on this Marc by Marc yadda yadda dress that popped up in the sidebar as well. I so hear you about sleeves — in fact, it wass my Need for Sleeves that drew me to vintage clothes, and then to this website, whence to an obsessive daily combing of the internet for the Perfect Vintage Pattern That Will Change My Life, and then to time-consuming searches for just the right bronze taffeta or Pucci-inspired print . . . oh well, it’s a better habbit than crank, I suppose.


  4. but there is something about the cut of the bodice that makes the model’s breasts look saggyI would say rather that the dress does not flatter women with very, very small breasts. And since there is quite enough in the way of pretty dresses that do, I don’t begrudge the other half their fun.On pretty: It’s more courteous; more egalitarian, isn’t it? Children, the “other” sex, the whole range of humanity who wouldn’t find you sexy if you danced naked on their table (and wouldn’t want to!) can appreciate pretty.Sexy really wants a definite target audience.


  5. I love that dress, and I’ve been coveting it since I first saw it about a month ago. It’s kind of a lot of money, but it’s similar in price to a DVF dress, and those are worth every cent, I think, so why not this one? If I had occasion to dress up, I’d buy this one. (It’s a nice mix of quirk and sexy and cute and pretty.) Alas, most of my life is spent in dungarees, topped by silly puff-sleeved blouses. I really like that you re-addressed the puffed-sleeve issue today. It was really quite shocking (but fun) to see a reference to my comment in your post. I’m glad that for once, my ramblings provoked thought and dialog.


  6. Oooh, lovely. The rose pop dress that comes up on the sidebar also moves me strangely; not quite as wonderful a cut, but I love the colours. And YAY for pretty, and for dresses you can be demure and pretty in with larger breasts.


  7. My bosoms never match up to the cups in these sorts of dresses. I have the world’s longest torso, so the bottom seam always cuts me right across the center. And it’s not as if I’m sagging all over—they just flat out [no pun intended] don’t hike up that high. I’d have to have bosoms that began right under my adam’s apple for this sort of dress to fit me.


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