And again.

ebay item 6261521104 simplicity 1953
This is from the ebay store of The Pattern Fairy, although, really, wouldn't you think that someone called The Pattern Fairy would magically have all their patterns in your size? This midriff-wonder (which I want desperately, and would buy if it were any bigger than B32) is only $9.50 including shipping. Click on the image to buy it if you're B32.

There oughta be a law, or at least a very stern suggestion, that pattern companies should not be able to use pattern numbers beginning in 19-. Because: searching for "Simplicity 1953", to see if I can get it in a bigger size? Not so helpful. Simplicity put out a LOT of patterns in 1953, and this wasn't even one of them, as far as I can tell.

If this pattern were mine I'd do that nice deep gray full-skirted version with pale-blue piping along the seams and as the tab. I also can see this in red gingham, although, really, there's very little I can't see in red gingham, or even better, brown gingham. I love brown gingham. I've probably made three different brown gingham dresses in the last 20 years and I have another one planned as soon as I sew through the worst of the backlog around here (although that might be another 20 years). Luckily brown gingham is timeless.

Another reason I should have this dress? I carry my handbag like that all the time. Why isn't this a few inches bigger, Pattern Fairy?

0 thoughts on “And again.

  1. Oh dear, I’m a gingham whore too–any color, I’m not picky. But especially red, light blue & yellow. And a rick-rack whore. And a ball-fringe whore. But not all on the same outfit. If you did that, you’d look like kitchen curtains from The Donna Reed Show. But then again, that’s never stopped me before…


  2. Oh my! I made this dress about 4 years ago. I had to buy a 32, too, and enlarge it. I made version 2, in a light grey. I LOVED wearing that dress. Alas, it no longer fits, and now it hangs prettily on a hanger in my closet.


  3. Hey Erin, it’s Jen/macojero! Just to confuse things further for you, my pattern dating book puts this one as being put out in 1957. So you can search Simplicity 1953 AND then 1957!I’ll keep my eyes peeled for one :)Jen


  4. i just bought the pattern, thanks to you….thought i’d let you know. the only problem is i don’t sew a stitch. would anyone know a good, inexpensive seamstress in new york city? and/or would anyone be willing to barter services? (for this or other projects.) i make jewelry…do metalwork…silver link chains and such. please e-mail me at i hope this is acceptable blog etiquette. thanks, erin!sharon


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