Bill Blass for Spring

Bill Blass Spring 2006

Msbelle sent me a link to this dress (thank you!). I like it a great deal, although of course I'd make some changes. Like, those sleeve ties have to go. And, like Msbelle, I'd like it slightly longer, although, of course, on anyone not six feet tall, it would be. Probably the most appealing part about it is the print, which is near enough to Liberty to make no difference. I swear, you could do up anything short of a halter-topped hotpants-jumpsuit in Liberty and I'd be there going "ooooh, pretty!"

This dress, from the same collection, also caught my eye:

Bill Blass Spring 2006

Now, the model desperately needs a bra (I know they don't have time to switch undergarments between trips down the catwalk, but sheesh, maybe for this one they could have made an exception, or put it on a different person?) and it's oddly shaped on her even taking that into account, but something about this calls to me. And I'm not usually an epaulettes person, unless they are on Horatio Hornblower, but somehow the shoulder treatment here works.

This dress would be better on (dare I say it!) Sienna Miller, or Kate Moss, or someone slightly smaller than this particular model. This would be lovely for some 1920s-themed party, with bronze satin round-toed mary jane shoes and a brass cigarette case as a purse. (I would probably take off the belt.)

There are lots of other interesting prints in this collection, which seems to see-saw desperately between Palm Beach and the fundraising season in New York (much like many of the label's clients). Ah, well, if it were better themed this particular dress wouldn't have shown up, and that would be a loss.

0 thoughts on “Bill Blass for Spring

  1. I love, love the gauzy print on the first dress. I wish I could zoom in somehow so I could absorb every last detail of the lively pattern. Is there some paisley action? Flowers? Hard to tell from a distance. In any event, the colorway is fresh for spring and could even go the distance into fall with a chocolate sweater for cover.I’d also like to zoom in on the epaulettes (or are they medallions?) on the second dress. Are they silk? Crocheted yarn? I’d have to agree on the belt. Lose it and add interesting Mary Janes for a conversation piece ensemble.


  2. Oh I love the first dress – the colors speak to me – too often spring prints leave one looking like a basket of easter eggs! I’m a red head – these colors would work!


  3. Whereas I”m looking at the dress in the first picture that’s on the model walking away…the blue one? I want to see the front, it looks cute!


  4. There are a wonderful amount of dress and coordinated coat ensembles in this collection (very Down With Love). Loving it! Am debating making exactly the same thing for myself (1960s wiggle pattern with aline stand up collar coat) but then the possibilities of all the combinations of dress with coordinated jacket lined in dress fabric is just paralysing me in indecision. How many coordinated dress/coat ensembles can one really justify?! That’s the question…


  5. I really like the second model, Elettra Rossellini. She’s Isabella Rossellini’s daughter, and I think she’s gorgeous; and I love that she’s of a more realistic build (meaning, of course, a size 2 rather than a size 0). I think she’s in Bill Blass’s Fall 2006 show as well, and I feel like her figure gives the clothes a more sophisticated, elegant feel. She makes the other girls look a bit juvenile in comparison.And I love the dresses. I actually loved a ton of the B.B. spring and fall collections.


  6. I with Mera I want to see the front of dress on the firt picture.On the model thats walking away. I love the colors too.The other 2 dresses are pretty but they are not colors that would look flattering on me.


  7. That model does definitely needs a bra!! And I think she just gets by because she has a famous mother, otherwise no one would look twice at her, he proportions are not correct, she does not have a very delicate figure, and I do not like the skinny model type either, but she just does not cut it.She is just good a advertisment, no real talent there…


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