mccalls 4872
Why are collars so attractive? They're hardly functional. They tend to be a complete pain to get right. And yet I am drawn to them, inexorably.

This one is really cute, and in B38, and available on eBay for a BIN of $9.99. The seller has some other good patterns, I think, but her pictures are very fuzzy. This was the best of the lot. If you're charging ten bucks per, I think you ought to at least make sure the details are clear. Especially if it's a Vogue Special Design. But perhaps this is just a quirk of mine, to be filed under "Reasons Erin is way too picky to live."

I am going to another conference next month and I'm looking for new pattern candidates. Because, really, nothing calms my overall stress levels quicker than finding a new pattern and trying it out with new fabric two or three days before I have to wear it. Right? Right. I don't think this projects the necessary air of authority (unless I need to be taken as an authority on picnics and cold drinks), but it's damn cute.

0 thoughts on “collared!

  1. Sold! Thanks for the tip!Being taken for an authority on picnics and drinks might be a step up for me. I just hope it doesn’t make me look like an EASY authority on picnics and drinks.Well, actually, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad, either.


  2. But collars are functional, if you consider the way they frame the face and collarbone so lovely-lysigh. it’s late. BTW- You are going to swoon when you see the latest post from the sartorialist!!!


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