What's the product cycle time at McCall's?

McCall's 5137

Thanks to La BellaDonna, it looks as if I will have to run out to the fabric store tonight and pick this up — McCall's 5137. I'm pretty sure, though, that I'll have to make it in a size much smaller than my usual one, because the online catalog gives the finished bust measurement at a size 6 as 44 inches. There's a difference between "easy and flowy" and "Barnum & Bailey", you know.

I'd also lengthen the sleeves in view C and shorten the skirt. You know, god forbid I make up a pattern the way the drafters intended. I'd totally never be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice, at this rate. (Get it? "strict constructionist"? Oh, Supreme Court humor, why don't you ever work?)

Also, the neck bands do not continue to the back (chintzy!) and there are (in my opinion) completely superfluous back center seams — I'd get rid of those by cutting those pieces on the fold.

Anyway: product cycle time. I first posted about Duro Olowu on 11 November 2005; this pattern was probably released in the last few weeks, so a six-month turnaround time isn't too bad! So, McCall's, if you're listening, by November of this year I want a pattern for a pencil skirt with a very wide, reinforced waistband. No front seaming, no fancy hems, just skirt + waistband. Front scoop pockets okay. (I know I could draft it, but I'm lazy! And anyway, don't you want my $5?) Kthxbye!

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  1. I agree with you that the neck band should continue around the back. I’m still a little confused about these sashes at the waist, though. I presume they’re meant to come around front before being tied in the back, but they would be crossing in the center and could crush one another, leaving a narrow band than desired. Could this be solved by making a slit near one side seam so one can go under the other?Heather Outside Boston


  2. The redhead looks a bit miffed that she had to model the bright pink and purple dress instead of one of the other dresses, both in a color that would have been more flattering (especiaqlly the brunette’s dress). Actually, the ties don’t appear to wrap; they just tie in a bow in back. You can see it a bit on the blonde’s green dress. I’m not sure how I’d like that.It would be easy enough to turn the back facing to the outside and stitch down (before the shoulder seams are sewn?), or to draw a banding piece on the pattern, cut off and add seam allowances to both the bodice back and the new banding piece.It is possible that the very wide bust measurement includes the extention into the sleeve area as that is right at the bust level, even on the sleeveless version. Care must be taken to place a sloper, shell, or T-shirt patten on top of the pattern to determine if it is necessary to pinch out some of that fullness. If making the sleeveless version, I would make sure that there was not too much gaping at the underarm.As I do not have much cleavage, I would raise the neckline a bit.PatriciaGoodlettsville, TN


  3. Ooh, that Marfy dress is cute — but I’ve never made one. I hear they throw you in at the deep end. It’s for the same people who do gridless crosswords.I do have the Hippy Chick pattern but it has set-in sleeves. I really wanted the kimono sleeve …


  4. Wow! I can’t believe I shelled out (a lot of) good money for a Tracy Reese Empress dress at Anthropologie that’s a dead ringer for the dress on the right. I do love it so, though, so thank you for the link to the perfect pattern! It’s nice and drapey in silk.Heidiabsintheknits.typepad.com


  5. I’m so sorry for the double post, but as I now own the pink/purple doppleganger dress, I’ll add that I think it looks better with the midriff piece all the way ’round to the back (which should be fairly easy to manage with the pattern pieces included) rather than a sash, and buttons on the side.My dress is here:http://www.anthropologie.com/jump.jsp?itemID=8918&itemType=PRODUCT&iSubCat=297&iMainCat=17I can’t wait to see your version when you find the perfect pattern!Heidiabsintheknits.typepad.com


  6. Somewhat related: There is a store near my school that had this Duro-esque dress in the window. It’s the mostly wrong looking one listened under vintage halter. I like the Duro style dresses, but to use ribbed knit? Weird, right?


  7. Simplicity 4124 might also be a good starting point if for someone up to some pattern fiddling. It has three sleeves (set in, kimono and sleeveless) and the neck band is a proper facing too. Wouldn’t be too hard to make it into a dress


  8. This one is amazing… I am all over it. I just went and got some Butterick Patterns yesterday – (thnx for tip about the sale…) So, perhaps McCalls will have a sale in a week or two. I’ll sew the one I have first. This Duro would look rocking in some Merimekko… which is what I think I will do it in.www.tattooedyarn.blogspot.com


  9. This one is amazing… I am all over it. I just went and got some Butterick Patterns yesterday – (thnx for tip about the sale…) So, perhaps McCalls will have a sale in a week or two. I’ll sew the one I have first. This Duro would look rocking in some M


  10. Watch out on these kimono sleeves. I remember (from the first time around) lots of underarm view–the sleeves are so large and open that when the wearer would raise an arm, you’d see a bunch of bra, or breast…


  11. Isn’t everyone else a 44 bust, too; or is it just me? (Only kidding.) There’s gotta be somethin’ going on there: I think that a muslin is our next course of action, Batman…


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