That Dress Again, the Midriff One

ebay item 6274399256

I know I keep coming back to the wide waistband, but with a pattern like this, who could blame me? I wish that this weren't a B32, or that I weren't too lazy to scale it up, because it's just perfect. I think I would even make the jacket with this one, and I never make jackets (see "too lazy" above).

Let's see, what would I make this in? Well, I'd like it in a HUGE houndstooth print for fall (yes, I haven't finished–make that "really even started"–summer sewing yet, and I'm already thinking about fall). You know, a houndstooth where the repeat is about twelve inches? That huge. For summer, I think a very crisp pique (you have to get that A-line skirt to stand out, somehow). If I did pique, I'd pipe the band and the neck in a contrast piping, of course.

ebay item 6252839843
There's also this one, which has an interesting crossover midriff band, which, on the narrow-skirted version, I can't help picturing done belt-style in leather. (Nevermind that sewing leather would basically be euthanasia for my sewing machine.) I'd like a big floral for the full-skirted version …

These are both up on eBay, source of all good things, right now. Click on the images to go to the listings.

0 thoughts on “That Dress Again, the Midriff One

  1. Oh, I adore that petal-like waistband. And the wide neckline that shows a little collarbone is so flattering (just have to add strap keepers). But how can it be a size 10 and a bust of 31? 😦 The curse of Misses/Juniors patterns. Thank you for bringing it to my attention, though. :-)Heather Outside Boston


  2. Another great waist detail. I would love to see it made up – I just can’t do pencil skirts, but the full skirt is a little too puffy.Alas, I am also way behind in my own sewing, but I am not flashing forward to Fall/Winter. Summertime, it will always be summertime in my dress-head.


  3. He, he, he. I’m still working on LAST fall’s sewing! I’ll finish that dress soon, I promise :)I love, love, love both of these patterns and can see me wearing the pencil skirt versions of them to work.


  4. I’ve had the 2nd pattern on my watch list for a couple months now. You don’t think it’s too girlish for a sober and responsible 34 year old? I guess I could promise not to make it in pink gingham…


  5. Nope, leather won’t kill your sewing machine – just use a leather needle (pierces, so no unstitching or you see the big holes) and a jeans weight/topstitching thread. Trust me, you can do it!


  6. Ooooh, I like both, but I especially like that the top one comes with one of my favorite jacket patterns! Shawl collar? Check! No fiddling with those annoying notches. Cropped waistline? Check! No bulk around the waist, and it obscures the fact that I’m really short-waisted through the back, and really long-waisted through the front. And 3/4 sleeves, on purpose, as opposed to a too-short sleeve, thanks to extra-long arms. Now, if only it were in my size … *sigh*. OTOH, I was digging through one of my (many, many) pattern boxes last night, and I was pleasantly surprised by some of the patterns I came across. I kept thinking, “Oh, this is really nice!!” I was all surprised and happy, because they were exactly what I would have picked out.Which I did, of course, at one time, but the bonus of forgetting is that you get happy pattern surprises, because there it is, and it’s exactly to your taste!


  7. Please don’t take this the wrong way but you truly have the worst taste. This skirt in houndstooth? the dress from the other day? I keep visiting because some girl had said your blog was fun, but I just don’t understand it. Is it that you have a very retro thing going on? Or thrift store?


  8. It takes a special kind of stupidity to return again and again to a thing that you hate, because someone long ago told you that it was good. Taste is by definition subjective, but valuing others’ opinions over your own means you have none.


  9. To Anonymous, at 12:38 AM:Well, it’s obvious that not everyone feels the way you do. Why, look at this comment from Julie K.L. Dam, who was also given the link to Erin’s blog:'s a published author. What’s your claim to fame, that we need to care about what you think??? And since A) you don’t like this site; and B) we don’t care what you think; C) why don’t you just go away and find a blog you do like?


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