a skirt and an excursion

polka dot skirt
So last night, as is my wont on a Wednesday in NYC, I went skating at the Roxy. And, after going around in circles for a couple of hours, I thought posting a crappy picture of my favorite skating skirt (after having worn it for said couple of hours), taken in a badly-lit hotel room in Midtown, would be an excellent idea. So here it is!

I bought this fabric a year and a half or so ago, on eBay, and originally made a plain circle skirt out of it. I was a little scant of fabric, though, so it was a bit short for my taste. So a few weeks ago I added the waistband, and voila! The Twister Skirt.

I got several compliments on it at the Roxy, usually by people who had just narrowly missed involving us both in a sixteen-wheel tangle on the floor. (Well, they had to say SOMETHING!) Hoo-boy, was the Roxy crowded last night. Think Times Square, at rush hour, on wheels. It was fun, though. The bass was turned up to "defibrillate," and the DJ somehow had a shunt straight from my iPod's "guilty dance-y pleasures" mix to the turntable. He played "Get Into the Groove" and "Bizarre Love Triangle" and "Best of My Love"! I may have to send him a thank-you note.

I was surprised that the Long Island Concussion Enthusiasts' Society was out in such force last night, but they all thoughtfully skated carrying their baguette handbags clenched tightly under their arms, so that when they hit the floor skull-first and forgot their own names, the responding EMT could just pull their IDs right then and there. They also pair up, so that if one skater looks in danger of staying upright for more than thirty or forty seconds, her spotter can squeal and haul her down to the floor where the concussions are more readily available. Because nothing says "Missy's 23rd birthday party!" like a traumatic head injury.

There was also a meeting of the Human Spirograph League — these are the guys (they're almost always guys) who cannot skate in the tame and banal oval that the rest of skate in; they must perform elaborate loops around the floor in highly elliptical orbits. Often backwards. They're like stray planets haplessly interrupted by the sun at a really, really bad time, and so they won't ever have a nice neat orbit. Also, they tend to wear inline skates, instead of quads. One of them nearly took me down, but nicely hauled me along with him for a stride or two so that I didn't suffer the indignity of an official butt-to-the-floor fall. All I can say is, the Human Spirographs? Have tremendous upper body strength. Go figure.

I had a really good time (I always do) and, as usual, left right before I got tempted to get too fancy. I'm a great mediocre skater. I don't run into folks; I don't do the Wile E. Coyote leg-shuffle to keep my balance; I can stop several different ways, none of which involve finding a large immobile object to run into at top speed. I also don't skate backwards, do spins, or too much tricky footwork, because I think the pleasure I would get from doing that stuff (especially when it's so crowded) would not be enough to overcome how just plain stupid I would feel if I seriously injured myself on a business trip 800 miles from home.

So. This is my skating skirt, and that was my night at the Roxy, and sometime in the next six weeks or so I'll get another chance to skate wearing polka dots, and happiness will abound. Can't ask for more than that.

0 thoughts on “a skirt and an excursion

  1. Erin, a little note from a newbie…Your skirt is adorable! And, OMG, your humour is top notch…you are one of few who make me laugh out loud!!This “forum” is the first thing I read everyday!Kim


  2. heh. I avoid the purple. I wore an orange American Apparel tee and a black short-sleeve hooded zip-front sweatshirt. I have white skates. 🙂


  3. Sounds like you had a blast! Your Twister dot skirt and outfit is perfect. I love orange, too. I have quite a bit of stuff in orange and almost bought another piece yesterday. What I want to know is, do you have those old-style huge pom-poms on your skates?


  4. Yours is an enviable evening. And to think you can do it again soon… lucky you! A skirt like this begs to float above an orange and purple pompon clad pair of skates. I have not skated in years and I miss it madly. Tell me, do they still wear pompons on the toe of the skate? I hope so.


  5. “They’re like stray planets haplessly interrupted by the sun at a really, really bad time, and so they won’t ever have a nice neat orbit.”Best simile ever!


  6. Hello, I’m new to your site and enjoying the fashion!! Glad to hear that there are still real rollerrinks out there. It sounds like you had such fun (while trying to avoid the concussions).


  7. Hello Erin… I love your site and have been reading for some time now.. Thank you for the great blog. I read it every day. Your decription of roller rinks is spot on so to speak. :):) There is one here in Anchorage and I try to go as often as I can… I am a skirt/dress girl too but I always end up just wearing pant to skate because I am the one that the ‘Human Spirograph League’ tend crash into.. and a skirt hem up around your waist is not a good look for me in public. I admire you wearing a skirt to skate. Thanks again for the great Blog.


  8. That skit is fabulous, that is really fun for skating in. Looks like a skirt you’d buy at a high end boutique it’s so nice!


  9. I’m not a fashion critique but I am a DSA (disco skater of america), and I enjoyed this piece. My local rink is threatening to close and that will be a sad day (especially because it will probably be replaced by walmart). My next visit to the NYC will have to include a trip to the roxy (if I can fit it between my bus tour with Tim Levitch and a hopeful play by Martin Mcdonagh).


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