return of the scarves

ebay item 6286276688 McCalls 6732

All right, who went and seeded eBay with all these scarf-neck dresses? It's not going to work, you know — especially if you persist in not listing them in my size. This one is $4.75, and B39. I'm way too lazy to grade down from that size. You'll have to do better than that!

Isn't it cute, though? I think this is a perfect summer office dress. Maybe in voile, maybe in a lightweight silk. Adorable in cream and white seersucker; commanding in black handkerchief linen. I'd make the A-line skirt version (and get rid of that front seam), add pockets, and boom! I bet I could make three or four of these in short order, and wear them until they fell apart.

The seller does what I wish every pattern seller would do: she scans the back, so you can see the pattern pieces and the fabric requirements. Heaven.

She also has this listed:

simplicity 3757

A bit fancier (and still B39). I like this one too, although I'm pretty sure the one in the slim skirt is actually an android. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

0 thoughts on “return of the scarves

  1. Oh wow you still make dresses like that?I’ve once wondered what it would be like to have a wedding styled after the 50’s. All the bridesmaids and guests-of-honour wearing 50s dresses and hairstyles.


  2. I hear that green is a big color for Stepford Wives this season.Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


  3. A collar like that is pretty easy to add onto anything… or at least it looks easy in my old McCalls sewing book! Great patterns – I love your site.


  4. don’t you love how all of these women have no shoulders? It’s crazy with the no shoulders thing. I’m always trying to add shoulders to my clothes, with set in sleeves and such – oh for a time when being shoulderless was so fashionable!


  5. Well you evil enabler you, I went ahead and snapped up that first pattern. My bust is 38 and what’s an inch between friends?I am eager to try that bodice, the way it gathers into the yoke. I haven’t done that before and don’t own anything like it.


  6. Curses, tailypo! (just kidding) you beat me to it!Gosh, that A-line skirt version looks so wearable. Enjoy your dress!Re: the who wears dresses and Stepford label. When I was a big bad litigator at a big bad law firm, I used to wear dresses all the time. They’re much neater and easier to wear than suits, although I did wear them with jackets to get a more suit-like power-bitch look. So dresses aren’t just for Beaver’s Mom any more.


  7. “Don’t you love how all of these women have no shoulders? – oh for a time when being shoulderless was so fashionable!”I agree with Gaile. And one of the things I love about looking at patterns (and paintings and photos) from different times is how it puts the lie to the assumption that what’s considered beautiful is a fixed thing, an immutable fact, that’s based on objective, carved-in-stone criteria. It isn’t. It changes. So when we’ve got issues with how we look, it might help us to try to remember that our physical features are, in a cold, dispassionate sense, neither beautiful nor unattractive. And when we let ourselves shine through them, they tend to convey us — well, **beautifully**, I’d say!


  8. Wow! I had those patterns….when they were new. Used both of them, too. Love your site. Keep up the good work.


  9. Are you familiar with this site: ? I came across it and thought of you. I wish they indexed the dress patterns by size, though; it’s so disappointing to spot a fabulous pattern and realize it’s several sizes off!


  10. Gidget bananas, I like the way you think!! I was born at the wrong time I guess. I should have been an adult when these patterns came out. I have no shoulders :+( never have. I don’t know what happened, my mom has nice 50’s shoulders. What went wrong??? I have some patterns similar to the first pattern. I will have to look at the sizes, I have 2 of them. I might have a bust 36, will have to check. I like Michele has a great site I wish she would put some new patterns up.I love the Stepford Wifes but Iam campy like that:+)


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