Twister skirt redux!

ebay item 8437076565

All right, all y'all who had such nice things to say about my Twister skirt, now's your chance to buy something similar! Or to mutter excuses like "I've already spent my eBay budget this month" or "polka-dot isn't really my color" or "it's not my size, so sad!"

Note — I didn't make this one, it's vintage. I'm not the seller, although I admit to feeling a strong sense of kinship with anyone who likes multicolored polka dots!

Bidding starts at $19.99 and the auction ends Tuesday the 27th of June. Waist is 26". Click on the image to visit the auction, and if you win it, thank Lisa, who sent me the link. And then let's figure out when we'll both be in NYC so we can go roller-skating together in our polka-dot glory.

0 thoughts on “Twister skirt redux!

  1. I still have one almost like this from when I was in college–a little more gathered at the waist (it was 26″, too, then). I called it my “Wonder Bread” skirt. Thinking lately of cutting it up and making something for my daughter…


  2. Geez. I haven’t been a 26 inch waist since… oh about 13 or so.There was this gorgeous Shaheen skirt the other day though (also 26 inch waist) – i thought about getting that and modifying it to a bigger skirt with panels… but… went higher than I expected!I need to look into corsets…


  3. Can you rent skates there? And are they any good? It’s not the same as with bowling shoes – they don’t have to support you. Not that I’m planning on being in NYC soon but you never know.


  4. Darn cute skirt. I once had the idea to wear polka-dots everyday for a year…to celebrate, say turning 40? (Gee, maybe the little-brown-dress girl and I should be friends!!) Anyway, my idea never came to fruition, but the ‘wonder bread’ skirt would have been a perfect choice for my plan.


  5. ..just what is Wonder Bread? Is it a US thang? If there were two skirts, I could probably wear one on each thigh..


  6. Just my size! Unfortunately, I don’t have the money right now… (preparing to be a starving college student, ya know.) This one is more Wonder Bread than Twister since the dots are smaller. BTW, Wonder is a brand of bread who’s packaging is white with little multi-colored polka dots on it, like this skirt.


  7. i love your blog.. please post me too.. i have no posts cuz is like a project for my class.. and i have to write everything i do in every computer class.. i hate it.. but.. well.. at least.. i can put photos.. im the only one in my cass who can.. well.. im talking to much and i hardly know you. so.. bye!!im from chile by the way..Chumi.


  8. I want this skirt!!! Rats, my waist is a 29. I have been looking on the internet at corsets. I, know I need one. 10 yrs ago I had a 26 inch waist. Wow, time flys when you are getting fat. Arrrggggg!!!!My mom still has a 25 inch waist but she does not wear polka dots. That’s my thing.Funny thing I ordered a blue polka dotted 2qt ceramic bowl today . Thank gawd I dont have to worry about the waist size!!! LOL.


  9. Damn. I wish I weren’t totally broke right now. It’s adorable and my size. Plus, I really need some comfy cottony stuff for summer. Oh well…


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