Fiji Dress from Modaspia

ebay item 8305987417

What do I like best about this dress? I can't decide whether it's that it's made of men's shirting (wonderful fabric, very smooth and light), or whether it's the bias contrast trim, or whether it's the pockets.

I think it has to be the pockets. I swear, I think I'm going to take a day and just make a hundred pockets like these in scrap material until I can do them hung upside down and blindfolded in a hurricane, and then I will be able to put them into everything I sew from that point on. They're so sleek and cute and just plain handy …

This dress is $95 at modaspia (click on the image to go to their site). The only downside is that it's not available any larger than a size 10. I asked one of the designers about that, and she told me that they used to make bigger sizes, but wholesalers and boutiques wouldn't buy them! Grrr.

So I was thinking about making a little downloadable business card, a pdf that you could print out on those Avery tear-apart business card forms, which would read something like "You'd be looking at a credit card instead of this card if your store carried anything in my size." Then you could hand it to the sales staff or just leave it on the counter. What do you think? What should the wording be? Leave your input in the comments, please!

0 thoughts on “Fiji Dress from Modaspia

  1. As someone who regularly announces “Wot – no fat chick sizes?” and stomps out of stores, I would DEFINITELY hand out little cards like this! As an (Australian) size 18-20, I find very little in the shops that I would even think about wasting money on… and yet, I see women my size EVERYWHERE!!


  2. Love the idea! Also love that it’d be ambiguous enough to leave in a shoe store – I can hardly buy women’s shoes any more. Although you might add a line of small type ‘60% of women in the US are size 14 or above’.I’d also appreciate a card that says almost the same, but something like ‘If your store carried something in my size, I’d buy it. As it is, I’ll just go home and sew it. Thanks for saving me money!’.To the woman who has large sizes but people don’t look – are they enough in evidence? If your windows and every display in the front of the store is a size 2, I wouldn’t go rooting around the back either. Much less ask, although I might drop a card :-). Display a large size up front, on a mannequin that’s large enough for it, a balance of sizes would be better. A sign in the window that says ‘all sizes’ would also be helpful. Basically, why should we spend our time rooting around in every store, when something like 10% carry something we could wear? It’s the j.jill principle: we want your money but we don’t want other people to know you can shop here.


  3. There is a whole shopping centre that I would deposit these in close to where I live. See what caitlin said…. being a non-average size/shape, I sew because I would have to take everything in or up anyway!Love the blog though, you inspire my creativity!Cherie Australia


  4. Great IdeaI also started sewing because nothing i liked fit me so i guess its not all bad :)can u make a card in Hebrew?


  5. Great IDEA! Print it in English, French, Deutsch, Spanish and Japanese all in the same card so that it is globally accepted!!!!


  6. To the boutique owner with hidden larger sizes:I’ve been to vintage stores and not only do they rarely have anything that fits across the bust, the service is really rude too… I’m not saying that your service is bad but I know if there was a sign in the front of the store that said “We try to fit all sizes,” followed up with a clerk that pointed out something that might fit or look good on me or help me search the racks…. I know I’d shop there, repeatedly!


  7. wonderful idea…i’ll print it asap. I’ve been a plus-size my entire life. So, what frustrates me most is walking into a store, being brave enough to ask if they have x-item in a larger size and being told “yeah, we get one in every shipment. It goes fast since we only get one” Hello. If the larger sizes move that fast, GET MORE.


  8. Interesting topic today. More and more Iam leaning toward making my own clothes. I just dont have the patience to weed through the crap anymore. I used to love to go shopping for hrs for days. I can’t be bothered anymore. Iam so tired of looking at crap. Then there are the fitting issues. I’m 5’6 which is not supposed to be petite. When I buy a blazer/jacket. I have to buy a petite or look like an orphan. The sleeves will come down to my finger nuckles and this so makes me crazy!!! I have try to find a petite or buy regular misses and then pay someone to take up the sleeves Argggg!!!! I guess I have short arms but I dont know why. I don’t know what the standard is for short arms. I will have to look into short arms. I think the card is a good idea. I believe only small stores will do anything about it. Dept stores and chains do not care and cant be bothered. First of all you would have to find out who is in charge or allowed to make decisions to do anything about it. When you finaly get to the top of the company you will probably find out they are not even based in the U.S. They are probably over in kook-a-monga somewhere running 15 other companys. Over in kook-a-monga everything is just fine and dandy so why change anything. Iam refering to dept and chainstores here. I think small stores might be willing to listen at least.


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