make this dress!

rowena convertible dress

Rowena, over at Rostitchery, not only shows this dress, but shows you how to make it. Cutting instructions, sewing instructions complete with diagrams and on-the-machine photos, further information about fabric choice and variations … everything you need to DIY. And I love the color!

This is one of those "convertible" or "infinite" dresses that were really big in the late '70s-early '80s and that seem to be making a don't-call-it-a-comeback now.

In addition to the instructions, Rowena shows about five different ways of tying it on her mannequin (plus, for all you "I need to see it on a PERSON" people out there, on herself, playing with her adorable little girl).

I really want to try this. I have some funky stretch pink camo jersey that would be hilarious for this. The only modification I'd make is to cut the skirt into two half-circles so that I could put in side-seam pockets … this would also be totally disco-vamp in some kind of stretchy lurex, wouldn't it? Break out the blue eyeshadow!

Thanks Rowena for sending me your link!

0 thoughts on “make this dress!

  1. That woman’s site is utterly hypnotic. She has even more of a makedo and mend mind than I do – running up children’s dresses and christmas postcards in minutes. Amazing…Be warned, though, that I made one of these type tops out of nonstretch cotton a few years ago and the boobalicious factor was pretty extreme. The heavy stretch may be necessary to hold an ample cleavage and not strike down old men in the street!


  2. That’s a tour de force. When I compare the really pathetic two-rectangle dress offered by Blueprint — they tout it as eleven seams, but most of those are hems — it is to weep.


  3. Intriguing, but I don’t know how very large breasts could be bound up sufficiently and reliably so that they neither hang significantly closer to sea level nor come tumbling out from beneath the cloth completely, with such a method! Maybe if big, wide ties were somehow wrapped back and forth across them five or six times …


  4. thank you all so much for visiting my site! for those who are concerned, i’m working on a new tutorial that will explain various ways to adapt this design, including how to include a built-in bra. included in the tutorial will be almost two dozen pictures of women of all shapes and sizes–including plus size women and those of large busts–modeling their versions of this dress.


  5. I actually made one of these dresses in the 70’s. It was a Vogue pattern. The dress could be worn a few different ways. Back then I got away with not wearing a bra.


  6. o how I would love to see this in a camo print – you really must post if you make this. I have no bust and so it would be a sad, sad wreck on me even if i could sew, which i cannot.Love your site. Adore dresses, although not much vintage, as I am not a large girl but apparently the fluoridated water did it’s evil work on me and my large frame will not fit into anything previous to 1975 :)Part of the reason i hang around is that all these patterns remind me of the dresses my mother used to whip up for herself and my grandma, sans pattern. i have no idea how she did it, but she would make these lovely fitted bodices with all sorts of tucks and darts and slim little pencil skirts (it was the 60’s) with nothing but a little piece of chalk,a whole lot of pins, and an ancient-even-then treadle Singer. I still have a few of the dresses and ensembles and should send you some photos of them sometime. God bless the inner seamstress in all of us…estea


  7. I made one of these back in the ’70s as well from that polyester known as Qiana. I am anxious for the bra version tutorial for those of us with non-perky boobies!


  8. I am waiting for the bra version too. Too risque to wear without a bra in my neck of the woods. I’d be treated like that woman in Harper Valley PTA if I showed headlights around here…


  9. Hiya girls! Im Jessica Simpson and i LOVE this dress! And to be honest… if you have bidg enough boobs you could pull it off!


  10. ladies, if you want to wear a bra, just turn the dress around so the straps are behind you and they come over your shoulders. give it a try i swear it works.


  11. as far as styles you can wear a bra with, there are actually a few. if you go to youtube and type in “monif c convertible dress”, there is a video of multiple ways to wrap the dress that you can wear a bra. :]


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