Secret Lives of Dresses Update

Lately I've been getting a lot of very kind email saying nice things about the Secret Lives of Dresses series (one, two, three, four) and asking me, with various levels of plaintiveness and expectation, whether I'm going to write any more of them.

Well, the answer is yes, I do want to write more of them. Thank you for asking! The problem is that I haven't been able to spend enough time looking for pictures of dresses that are itching to tell me their stories! My Real Job(TM) has been hectic, my Other Real Job(TM) is sadly neglected, and my family is thinking that in six more years they'll be able to declare me legally dead and collect the insurance.

So — if you come across a dress that you are SURE has a story woven into its fabric or clinging to its buttons, please send me a link. (Please don't send me pictures as attachments unless they are pictures you took of dresses you own; if the pictures are online please send me the URL.)

If I use your picture as the basis for a Secret Life I will credit you as the finder, of course!

I know there are lonely Ancient-Mariner dresses out there trying to tell us–bursting their seams to tell us–their stories. Won't you help me find them?

The goal is to do one every week or two, while supplies last.

0 thoughts on “Secret Lives of Dresses Update

  1. Try this dramatic, yet I get the feeling it’s just trying a little bit too muchI LOVE your secret lives. You should seriously do a book (with lovely photos) I would totally buy it!


  2. Oh yes, Erin, I feel your pain. Between the responsibilities we have, the responsibilities we love, and then that special thing which is ours, it all becomes a bit much sometimes. As afraid I am to reveal my totally hokey side in public, I find that a few bars of Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman” always helps. I know you know the lyrics. Just a little private hum to yourself to start is all it takes.C’mon Erin, you ARE woman, lets hear you roar.


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  4. If you do a book of nothing but the Secret Lives of Dresses, I promise to buy a copy for everyone I like. And be cheerful about it!


  5. HOORAY! More “Secret Lives of Dresses!” My day is complete!I have a couple of dresses to photograph and send along to you–one is a dress my mom made in the 1980s from a ’40s pattern: belted with a full skirt and fluttery cap sleeve, white fabric with 1/4″ embroidered red dots. Also a 1970s halter-topped floor-length gown made of floaty, flowy green-floral-print chiffon–she wore it to my aunt’s summer wedding in 1975. These two dresses really have some stories to tell! I’ll also ask and see if she still has the patterns. Keep up the excellent work. I love your blog!P.S. I had to enable the Comment Password feature on my blog to keep out the spammers–it seems to work pretty well.


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