The S-Dress

The S-Dress

Suzan Ereslan sent me this dress, which was her final project for her Personal Expression and Wearable Technologies class at the Interactive Telecommunications Project at NYU. (Man, when I went to school you couldn't do a degree in Interactive Telecommunications. You were lucky if you had a telephone, much less "Interactive Telecommunications." And we had to walk uphill, in the snow, both ways, to even USE said phone. But I digress.)

Suzan writes: "The dress has touch switches that are located at various erogenous zones on the body. These can be taken off and placed according to the wearer's particular specifications. When someone touches the wearer in the right spot, the lights around the bottom light up, indicating that the toucher is on the right path. The longer the switches are held (or the more that are found), the longer the LEDs stay lit, and they cycle through a series of colors and speeds from flashing to a nice, throbbing pulse."

Sounds like this makes things too easy for one's partner? Well, that was the idea:

"The name of it (S-Dress) is a play on words–I was inspired by estrus, the swelling and reddening of the genitals in mammals other than humans, which alerts the male of the species that it's mating time."

Personally, I'm seeing a version for wear on public transit, that sets off a siren and tear gas if you feel a hand on your ass. Maybe a Taser bolt, too. Anyway, what an interesting idea. I don't think there's enough clothing that lights up, whatever the reason for it.

To see pictures of the inner construction of the dress, click on the image — it will take you to Suzan's Flickr set.

0 thoughts on “The S-Dress

  1. Hmm, this gives a whole new meaning to “you light up my life”. Call me old fashioned, but I like a dress that truly flatters my shape and just, well, looks pretty. I just posted a Dior dress with an inside view of how it was made. I know it’s DULL!!


  2. I’m with you on both things – the sensors for public transit and evidence of how long ago it was that we went to school. As part of what one did to expand one’s horizons, in law school I did legal aid. Now, if you do legal aid, you get a credit for it. Back as far as high school, you had to take the dreaded “gym” to get that credit. Now, I could have received credit for skating and horseback riding and cycling. Oh well.


  3. I’m dreaming of a dress with lights that react to how interested or bored I am with my environment and conversations. Tell me I’m cute, watch those lights twinkle. Tell me I’m smart, watch for strobe effect. Bore me with how behind you are with your laundry, and watch all colors cycle down, then off.It’ll happen. Someday.


  4. Oh jill, a dress that registered a person’s boredom might lead to a lot of unemployment and lost friends (even people we love can get a little boring sometimes).Cute dress — it’s too bad so many men need directions.


  5. Aw, that reminds me of a dress I ‘edited’ for a winter formal in high school. It was my date’s idea, I sewed christmas lights around the neckline of my dress, and put the battery packs in my bra! I also put lights inside silk flowers for our corsage and boutonniere, and my date had lights around too. It was so much fun, I highly recommend it!


  6. Last Christmas season one of my clients asked me to sew in a string of lights between the black lining and the black sheer fabric of a dress she owned. I also had to make a “pocket” for the battery pack. Then she asked me to sew white/silver garland around the neckline. When she picked the dress up, she was delirious with joy at the sight of it. After seeing this picture, I won’t be so shocked at some of the requests I get.


  7. Neat dress! Seems like it might be dangerous to wear in the rain.It’s actually true about being lucky to have a phone. I like telling people that when I went to college (same time and place as Erin), my dorm had just one phone on each floor and a central switchboard. When a phone call came for you, a buzzer would go off in your room and you’d run down the hall, squealing with excitement over the novelty of getting a phone call. And lest it be thought that I’m a million years old, this was the late 1980’s, people. Oh, wait a minute, that’s almost 20 years ago. I *am* a million years old!


  8. Who would have thought so many of us have our own version and spin of dresses and lights. I love magic, I mean the internet : )This designer rocks!


  9. If you click through to the description of the S-Dress on Ms. Eraslan’s project site (the link is on her Flickr page), you will be rewarded with the phrase “networked pair of underwear.” How is it that I am still wearing un-networked underwear in this, the 21st century?!


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