Still on the midriff theme.

ebay item 220018869690

In all the Duro-dress hullaballoo, I bet you thought I'd forgotten about the other design that I'm obsessed with: vintage midriff bands. Isn't this a great pattern? It's a good size, and the starting bid is only $2.99. If I weren't MOVING in a couple weeks I would snap it up. I wouldn't, however, do the elbow-length sleeves, which I hate — I'd either make them shorter, or do the 3/4 length version. Wouldn't this be excellent in black wool with a red or teal waistband? Piped, of course — the red with white, and the teal with pale blue. Or a solid heavy cotton with a print waistband, preferably an Asian-inspired print. Red with a cream/red/yellow print sounds good to me. And what about cutting the band with a center seam to match bias stripes there? Good times.

What would you do with this pattern?

0 thoughts on “Still on the midriff theme.

  1. I would make this in a silk dupioni 2-color shot weave. I would change the grainline of the midriff band can cut it on the opposite grain as the dress. This would show off the subtle color change of the weave. Although not my colors, I keep thinking about some being offered in eBay that is a weave of a pale aqua green and violet that is just beautiful. Maybe I could get away with it.


  2. I’d make it in a good sized black and white houndstooth print with a black shiny patent vinyl band and black piping at the neck. I’d lengthen the sleeves to full length or do the sleeveless and bring back those gloves and boots fron the grey dress that you posted a few days back.


  3. oh, definitely bias stripes on the midriff! And patsijean I love your idea of the 2 tone dupioni. Lately I’ve been obsessed with apple green, so I’m picturing a green fabric with a tiny navy graphic print. I’d add cuffs to the short sleeves and make the cuffs and the midriff solid navy.


  4. What about gunmetal or platinum or bronze silk charmeuse? Oh, the beautiful piping you could do with that. It would make a perfect coctail dress, if done in the sleeveless shift version. If I had one wish, someone would make me that dress; I can’t sew, myself. One last thought: what about midnight blue charmeuse? Think of all the fun you could have accessorizing that with metallics! Or is that too pat?


  5. Erin, just curious about why you hate elbow-length sleeves. Is it something you can articulate? How do they compare to puffed sleeves on your loathesome scale?


  6. Unless you’re blessed with a long waist this dress would probably make a little “puff” in front and have people asking, “Oh, when’s your due date?”


  7. I love patsijean’s Dupioni Silk Fabric 2-color Iridescent idea. I envision it with the 3/4 sleeves in gunmetal grey/mallard teal (wonder if anyone makes that combination?). Cutting the midriff band on the opposite grain to show off the secondary color sounds fabulous.


  8. A silk tweed. Or Prince of Wales and a great necklace. Even a solid skirt with matching midriff and a gentle floral blouse, even the wrong side of the fabric to keep it toned down. And big beads the same colour as the skirt. It’s a canvas for accessories. I love it.


  9. Mmmm, camel colour lightweight cashmere/wool blend, the sleeveless version of the dress and a bubble-back kimono coat to match. Black elbow length gloves and those wicked D&G black patent stilettos . And the reddest lipstick possible !


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