I Couldn't Help Myself

Simplicity 3067

C'mon, even with my self-imposed pattern-buying blackout, I couldn't pass this up. The collar, the belt, the kimono sleeves — not to mention one of my favorite skirt designs, with a wide front piece that puts the side seams a bit more towards the front.

I really want to make this in traditional suiting; a nice wool, with maybe a touch of lycra. I'd have to line it, which would be a pain, but worth it to give it heft (and keep it from scratching). I'll probably make it up in poplin, first, to try it out — maybe a nice abstract print, small-scale.

Of course, the way things are going now, I'll make it in 2008, maybe 2009 — but I couldn't do even that if I hadn't broken down and bought the darn pattern! Which, sometime next week, I will put in a box. Sigh.

0 thoughts on “I Couldn't Help Myself

  1. who could really blame you? Those are some of the most appropriately styled pockets…rivalled only by the scalloped pockets of the mustart/cord dress.


  2. Moving sucks. But imagine your delight at finding this in a box, whenever you find it! It’ll be like time travel: your past self sending you a present.Good luck!


  3. I like this pattern. I really love the belts. I want one in every color and in suede too. I love wide belts. Im wide belt obessed. The prices out there are killing me so, I have not bought one yet.I could see the red dress in plaid or tartan and, it just happens to be in this year. With of course a black patent belt of course. Happy moving Erin.


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