Ahead of the (bust) curve

Spring 07 Sari Gueron

Is it just me, or is the neckline on this Sari Gueron dress for Spring 07 very much like the one I was obsessed with back in April?

Advance 9440

It's very close, no? Which is good, because I really am obsessed with bust shaping devices other than the dart, including gathers. I am looking for a lot of gathers for next Spring, so I'll probably make the Advance pattern above again, probably in gingham to really emphasize the curving effect.

I can't believe we've barely had a couple of days of sixty-degree weather here in Chicago, but I'm already thinking about next summer's dresses! Even though I love winter dresses, summer is when you can really go nuts with the light crisp airy cottons and featherweight silks … This winter I think I'm limiting myself to half-a-dozen Duroesque dresses to take me through to next March (one of the ones planned is a charcoal gray heavy silk with orange banding) and a couple of high-waisted skirts to wear with my ever-growing collection of cardigan sweaters. Add tights and boots (and maybe a couple of longer, waist-belted cardigans to wear over the Duros, since little 1950s cardigans don't do so well over the bell sleeves) and you're done!

Anyway, back to the Sari dress above … I love the top and the bottom, but she seems to have left out the middle … add a midriff band & belt and lengthen the skirt, and that would be one kickass dress, right?

0 thoughts on “Ahead of the (bust) curve

  1. The Sari Gueron dress is cute on the model because she weighs ninety-seven pounds and has no breasts. On a curvy girl, I suspect it would look like a particularly unfortunate choice of housedress.Your Advance pattern, on the other hand, would cause no such confusion, though I wonder if those gathers might not make a busty girl look, well, troppo provocante (if such words can even coexist in Italian). I’d be willing to try it, though.


  2. I seem to remember Chloe doing many of those necklines all year long. It’s a nice departure from the bog-standard v-neck or crewneck. I really like the shirring.


  3. I was just looking at the Sartorialist’s Fashion Week photos on Style.com, and noticed a few of people wearing clothes with similar necklines.


  4. I would bet that your Advance pattern’s neckline will fit much better than that black dress’s neckline does. That’s the really cool thing about those vintage patterns–care and style went into them.


  5. Sure looks like the same neckline to me. Maybe Sari Gueron is reading your blog. And you wrote:” I love the top and the bottom, but she seems to have left out the middle … add a midriff band & belt and lengthen the skirt, and that would be one kickass dress, right?”Yes, I agree. Saw this babydoll trend spotlighted in the style section of of the NYTimes a few months ago, and it should be OVER already in my opinion.


  6. There’s an article about rotating darts into the neckline, to make lots of little radiating gathers instead of big bust darts, in the new Vogue Patterns magazine. Made me think of this.


  7. I have to agree with India (above) – this dress is cute on the model because she’s so slim, but I think the neck gathers without any waist definition creates that classic busty problem of pseudo-pregnancy. :(I really love the pleat detail on the skirt, though. I’m on quite a skirt-detail kick, even if I haven’t the time to sew right now. 🙂


  8. There are knit/jersey tops out now in the same style. Just last night there was a woman wearing a top like that on TV, I asked my DD if she would like to sew herself one. Unfortunately, she is not one for the ‘loose’ styles.


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