Holiday listmaking: Amphigorey Again

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I'm thinking about making a series of posts over the next couple weeks with suggestions of lovely (as India has it) Ramakwanzachanamas presents. One book that I would think anyone of any sensibility at all would thrill to receive would be Amphigorey Again, the latest collection of Goreynalia (a posthumous one, which is strangely appropriate).

I mean, whose tastes DON'T run to morbid situations featuring beautifully dressed ectomorphs? Anyone? The dresses in the "Neglected Murderesses" series of postcards alone … those dames knew how to dress, as well as dispatch.

If you have suggestions for things you think I ought to recommend, well, you all know where my email address is by now, or you can leave a comment … I'll try to do these in addition to the Regularly Scheduled Dresses, if I can.

0 thoughts on “Holiday listmaking: Amphigorey Again

  1. Oh, excellent idea! Unlike my children, I have difficulty coming up with a list of things I want. The things I really want are ineffable, not purchasable, especially by those whose allowance is on the small side. It is hard to buy a cure for autism or an end to the arms race when your allowance is $4 a week! But this book is a great suggestion, I love Gorey and did not know about this one. I hope you will continue your gift suggestions for those of us who are holiday-consumption-challenged!


  2. Ramakwanzachanamas? Huh?Have you been at the cooking sherry again?There is no way to celebrate (let alone pronounce) all those holidays in one word without some help from the “sauce”.Happy Thankfulness Day. May you have so much to be thankful for this year that you are still listing things you are thankful for during your last bite of dessert. And then you’ll remember some more.PS: Who’s the cajun in your crew? Turduchen, yea-ah!


  3. I’m afraid I cannot claim credit for coining the term Ramakwanzachanamas (which I have no trouble pronouncing, Jill–it rolls off the tongue, rather like Methobapterian, the family religion of a friend of mine). I learned it from my friend Kate, the former poet laureate of Carrboro, North Carolina. Who better to expand your vocabulary than a poet laureate?


  4. I love Gorey. Back when I was dating my DH we met him at a book fair. We purchased a poster by him which illustrates the ABC’s with each letter the name of a child who was in the process of, how to put this delicatetly, expiring. It sounds sick but actually it is pretty funny. However, after we had children we put it away as we didn’t want our kids to get the wrong idea about their parents. Our poster has Gorey’s autograph.


  5. just break it down !Ra ma kwan za ha na mas !dropping out the “c” two more times Ra ma kwan za ha na mas !Ra ma kwan za ha na mas !Faster this time !Ra ma kwan za ha na mas !Ra ma kwan za ha na mas !Ra ma kwan za ha na mas !I think you’ve got it !


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