Lustworthy Pockets

Butterick 6020

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous (doesn't that sound impressive? Like I have my very own Mark Felt?) sent this in to me … aren't these pockets incredible? So fun, and yet so practical!

The stripes are, of course, marvelous, but I'm really liking the French's-mustard yellow with the red gloves. I feel as if that should be some kind of odd uniform. The color scheme says Ronald McDonald, though, doesn't it? Add some bigger shoes and you have the Ronettes, Ronald's backup singers. I'm conflicted about who plays the drums in Ronald's backup band: is it the Hamburglar, or is it Grimace?

It's at Fuzzie Lizzie Vintage for only $15 …

And in Heifer International news, check out the thermometer! (If you don't see a thermometer on the right of the page, scrollllllll all the way to the bottom.) Dave at Heifer says I'm the leading blogger right now in their blogathon, but what that really means is that YOU are the leading READERS, which ROCKS! Thank you all so much! (I believe the prize for being the leading blogger in the Heifer blogathon is being able to say to the other bloggers: "MY readers could kick all YOUR readers' asses," and look smug. So a DOUBLE thank you!)

And remember, if we hit the target before Christmas (which looks, well, more than likely right now) there will be a Secret Lives of Dresses drabble (drabble = 100 words) every day between the day we hit the target and Christmas …

0 thoughts on “Lustworthy Pockets

  1. Agreed on the red & yellow connotation; it is something I just cannot bear in clothing without either thinking of our friend Ronald, or just plain old ketchup and mustard. Great pockets regardless!


  2. Great pockets indeed, and I love the idea of matching cuffs…Heifer International is great, glad you’re doing this (and as a knitter I love that you chose sheep).


  3. I love this dress. What I like most about it is that it’s not a shirt waister. So many in this style are. I sold one last month that’s very similar with big pointy pockets and a polka “diamond” print.I think the idea of mustard and burnt sienna as shown is fab. It seems to me like a much more 40s/50s color combo than mustard and red which, I agree, is creepy MacDonaldy. The trick would be to keep the red really brown and maybe add a forest green accent. Can someone please make this for me? Please?Holly


  4. P.s. The donations went up $10 in the time it took me to type that. This is one of my favorite charities, too. I bought someone some bees one year for a holiday gift. I plan to donate when my Paypal account has more in it. Thanks for doing this Erin! You ROCK!


  5. You’re on for Daily Drabble, Erin!I also love the pockets and the skirt shape. (And the size is close enough to something I could alter for once.)


  6. I like the pocket design, a kind of deep chevron, but am wondering if I would really want to put large “saddlebags” right over my actual saddlebags. Whenever I am lucky enough to have pockets I tend to actually use them! They get stuffed with all kind of things. Not sure this would be a great look for an already big-hipped woman. Looks nice in the drawings though!BTW, Congratulations on achieving your Heifer goal. At this moment you are at 103%! Very apt.


  7. 107%!!!I love your writing.Those pockets seem so simple now that we’ve seen them, like “oh yeah I should have thought of that”And I have to add, bragging rights among bloggers is worth it’s weight in fabric!~Becky


  8. NEVER FEAR LADIES AND GENTSthey re-issued a pattern very similar to this one and it is real people sizes. its so cool. it’s at home – but i promise to bring it tomorrow and maybe then i can be one of the “anonymous” contributers.


  9. Thanks for bringing Heifer International to my attention! It looks like you’d better start drabbling.And thanks for inspiring me to sew!


  10. As another reader who actually uses her pockets, wouldn’t little things get stuck in the point? When I need a coin or paper clip, I’d have to hold the skirt over my head and shake.


  11. Well,at the risk of being indelicate,people I know call this color baby poop yellow……………..Hate it,myself ;- }}}}}


  12. Thanks so much for the reminder @ Heifer International, Erin! They’re such a great charity, so wonderful. Big fan here. And *applause* to everyone for knocking that goal right out of the park…it’s almost $1500 now! I should linkie to you on my blog so we can hit that point by the end of the night. Maybe then we’ll see those Duros? 😉


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