Drabble #15

drabble blue-green peplum

She almost bought me. She grabbed me right away, a woman intent on wearing the wrong dress. I made her pleasant pear shape an outright gourd. My blue-green yellowed her olive skin. That witch of shop assistant said “You’re stunning!” Which was technically true, but not in the way she meant. Thank goodness for her husband. He took one look at me on her and laughed. “Celia, no,” he said. “Where’s a red one? Find a red one. You’re gorgeous in red.” He kissed her, and the assistant went scurrying. She took home a plunging red number. I’m still here.

0 thoughts on “Drabble #15

  1. now those are words you don’t often hear or say or heaven knows, think: “pleasant pear shape”…so appreciative, so workable – thanks!Chris


  2. I think I like this one best so far. It’s nice to imagine the dresses know what shape on which they’d look best. (And now I wonder how many dresses I’ve driven craxy in the past.)


  3. This is a fabulous dress! and never worn?!! Amazing. Looks more like cotton sateen than rayon (but guess the tag says rayon). In the ’50’s, cotton sateen was a favorite fabric of mine.


  4. what i want to know is anything about that necklace. it looks just like a vintage one that was my mom’s. i’ve always been facinated with the beads. some kind of plastic that looks like cats eye. i think my mom said it was called moonstone at the time. anyway its graduated just like the one in the picture. does anyone know anything about it?erin i also want to thank you for the heifer idea. i’m spreading the joy around to my other groups…just love that organization!have a wonderful holiday. thanks for all the joy you’ve brought my way!nance


  5. Nice sweet switcheroo technique, hubby. Very wise. This is an odd dress, proportion-wise; it looks too much like a t-shirt on top to me, or maybe the peplum is too long? I can’t quite figure out WHO it would flatter…but I love the print.


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