Drabble #17

drabble #17

You know, sometimes I just wish I could go to a movie. Or to the kind of restaurant where you could get a hamburger and a malted, or maybe a short stack of pancakes. See a ball game, take a walk in the park. Heck, take a walk in daylight, even! The only time I see daylight, outside of the closet, is when I’m going to the cleaners. I’m so tired of martinis and Sinatra and food on little sticks and other people’s husbands. I’d like to meet some children, or perhaps a big shaggy dog. No more parties, please!

0 thoughts on “Drabble #17

  1. Wow! Love that dress and I’m tired of parties, too! A little “fun in the sun” would be nice. I’ll miss these drabbles. I have enjoyed them. Merry Christmas!


  2. Poor thing, I bet she gets sick of drunks with lampshades on their heads. I bet she never gets to go to weddings, either; and she’s not quite right for the opera…I wonder if she’s ever seen the daylight on the way home the morning after, a la Breakfast at Tiffany’s? God, I love this dress – cocktail dresses in general – and I just don’t have the lifestyle they deserve; they’d never see the outside of the closet, hardly!I hope she finds a good home for the New Year.


  3. One would never think that a Little Black Dress’ life would feel so one-dimensional to her, that she would have aspirations to the mundane . . . .


  4. She’d hate children, all those sticky fingers and snotty noses, and shaggy dogs just mean being stuck to some roller thing to get the hair that is inevitably white off. I know, she wants my life!


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