day after Christmas = shopping

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As everyone knows, the way you relax from all the shopping you did before Christmas is … to go out and do more shopping. (Personally, I think this is insane, and I don't do it, except for a quick trip to Target to buy *next* year's wrapping paper and half-price Christmas chocolate.) But, of course, INTERNET shopping doesn't count … and Jen, at is having a big sale. How big? 30% off. Her sale is good on any size order and the secret code is … "saveme30". Her offer will expire at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. Don't forget she offers free shipping in North America if you order 5 or more patterns!

In fact, at 30% off, you can even buy patterns like this (tiny-sized 1960s hostess jumpsuits) just for the joy of owning them, without having to justify what is clearly a novelty-value purchase ("It would make a great Bond-girl costume for when I lose twenty pounds and three ribs!") … for $3.15, this pattern is so completely worth it.

Mr. Dress A Day, who is hiding from a holiday gathering with me, says that I should make today's post about gifts you SHOULD return. Which I think is a great idea. I think you should return any gift that came with strings attached, or that was given in the hope that merely unwrapping the box would magically turn you into a completely different person, or gifts that were given to the person the giver wishes you were. Mr. Dress a Day, joking: "Does that mean you're going to return the stripper heels I bought you? Wait, don't write that!" [Mr. Dress a Day actually gave me something AWESOME, but didn't want me to link to it here because it deserves a whole post, and I agree. So tune in tomorrow … ]

Whoops, time for cake! Gotta come out of hiding now …

0 thoughts on “day after Christmas = shopping

  1. I am pretty sure I sewed that outfit while in high school; although, I was a McCall’s pattern snob. Simplicity patterns just wouldn’t do for me!


  2. Totally off this topic, but was watching a kind of cheesy TBS sitcom last night (because it’s set in Chicago) called “My Boys” and in one scene the lead character’s best friend is wearing a Duro or Duro-ish dress!


  3. and i saw a duro-esque dress on some soap yesterday-don’t know the name of it but the actress is the one that also was in a show with dick van dyke where he was the dr and she was a nurse but they always played detectives-i actually saw a tiny bit of My Boys and noticed the name of the bar they were in – “Crowley’s”.There is a Crowleys in Cincinnati so I was wondering if the show was set in cincy but guess not-


  4. I think in My Boys, the bars and restaurants are fictional, but they do mention real streets and suburbs. Last night had a bit about Naperville being the place you go to when you’re really setting down.


  5. What about gifts that were given as just plain too many, in the hope that you’ll forever adore the giver, or perhaps will forever adore ONLY the giver to the exclusion of everyone else who cannot or will compete with the sheer number of presents being showered upon this, that or the other person! ! I guess this move amounts to trying to buy others’ affection, or else to being possessive of and competitive for that affection. And what about when the showerer of gifts requires others (who are not being showered upon) to sit and be an audience to watch the showerer shower upon those others! Control! Control!Hope this makes sense. I haven’t yet had enough coffee this morning to be able to be clearer.It’s finally snowing here — just a dusting, but still. North shore of Lake Ontario.Truly happy holidays to all. (SO glad some of the family scenes are over for another year!)


  6. I REALLY wanted to get my sister-in-law the Barnes & Nobles kit”Improve Your IQ”.She is dumber than dirt and raised seven kids to be just like her. But, as you said…it just isn’t right to give a “you need to improve” gift at Christmas, even if the level of stupidity is frequently life threatening. Better to buy life insurance on her, and expect to collect a pay-off soon.


  7. not that this has anything to do with today, but tonight I watched “Once More With Feeling” starring Yul Brynner and Kay Kendall. It was her last film. Someone admires her gown and she says something about it being ” A Butterick pattern”. Actually I think it was Butterick that she said , could have been Simplicity but I’m sure it wasn’t McCalls-Givenchy was mentioned in the pre show chat so guessing he was the costumr edesigner for all her clothes. Film was made in 1959.


  8. I had “playclothes” like that short jumpsuit in the middle when I was about 14. We added a front zipper and contrasting trim around the neckline and pantlegs. I know I had more than one, and I made at least one of them.-I didn’t get any control gifts this year THANK GOODNESS. I think those issues have been cleared up.


  9. Yeah for Miss Jen!You cannot do any better than shopping from the Queen of All That is Cool! When my brother figures out the gift cert thingy and ponies up the dough…I will be beating a path to her door.Her patterns rock! And Jen is even more rocking than the rockingnest rocking pattern she sells.All together now…and with great feeling this time…Yeah for Jen!


  10. Aw now, you TRY to be anonymous, but your personality just shines thru there J.. lol!Thank you ALL for your patronage and if the Grand Ms. Erin will accomodate it, I’ll run another sale in the Spring!Have a safe & prosperous New Year, Dressaday readers!


  11. …so tune it tomorrow?? Mr Dressaday gave you a condom dress? (with or without the stripper heels??)Thanks for this fabulous blog


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