the day after the day after the day after Christmas = another sale

Vogue 9281

The Blue Gardenia is also having a pattern sale … 35% off any three or more patterns (and jewelry, although I don't buy jewelry because I'm pretty sure if once I started, I'd never stop). Buy as many as you want, no limit! The sale runs through 12:01 AM PST Monday, January 3, 2007, and payment must be received no later than January 7.

I'm sorely tempted by this number, above … it's B34. But considering that the main bulk of parties for the year are nearly over, and since my "to-sew" stack is rapidly approaching my own height, I'll pass. But don't let me stop you!

Of course, if I *were* going to buy and make this dress, it would be the shorter version, and in silver lurex. Don't you think?

0 thoughts on “the day after the day after the day after Christmas = another sale

  1. Gasp! It’s gorgeous. Do you think it could be a more everyday dress with the right fabric? Of course, I already have more patterns that need sizing up than I know what to do with, literally. I haven’t figured out how to size up yet.


  2. Oh, my! I had misplaced the link to Blue Gardenia. Thanks for reminding me. This pattern is lovely!Happy New Year, all!


  3. My grandmother had a dress very like this cut – hers was two-tone heavy taffeta (mostly black with gold threads) and it was magnificent – very rustle-y and important in a ‘hmm look at me’ way.She had hers with elbow length sleeves and she wore gloves of course…..I would omit that drape in the front personally….


  4. I do love this dress…But mostly, I want to thank you for posting this week! Many of my regular bloggers have deserted me, in this, my hour of need! (Or at least, my three days of even greater work-avoidance than usual!)


  5. I think the shorter dress in silver brocade, but not a brocade that’s going to make you look like grandma’s sofa. Or how about a sophisticated menswear-type fabric, like the first dress Jessica Biel is wearing in this feature at Go Fug Yourself? (Well played, INDEED!)And robinson, here’s a website about resizing patterns. I carefully bookmarked it for that fictional future date when I’ll have time to attack my pile of sewing!


  6. I quite like the idea of the shorter version done in menswear fabric, maybe with some trim areas of velvet or satin or lace. The front of the dress looks to me like the back is rather plunging — true or not? If so, it might be, er, challenging to make a proper daytime version.


  7. I just love the tops of both versions, but I’m not in love with the skirt on the short one. For one thing, I look cr@p in tea-length. For my own selfish reasons, I’d rather have it in a knee-length, narrow pencil-y/shift style, and leave the pleats and wonderful voluminous long skirt for the long-sleeved version. Silver lurex would be an absolute dream.


  8. Love this dress! The short-sleeve version would be fabulous in gray wool jersey for daily wear. You could dress it up for evening with jewelry and a glitzy wrap.


  9. kmkat, I checked the pattern. It might be a little low for a formal office environment, but it’s not plunging by any stretch of the imagination. Gidget, thanks for the link. I need to get some tracing paper and send my husband and dogs away for a few weeks!


  10. My Mother made a dress exactly like that in the ’60s! It was the short pattern, very short sleeves, in a dark green nubby silk. It was her going-out-to-dinner dress.


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