Have You Met Fred?

fred in a dress

Trudy introduced me to Fred, and now I am introducing him to you. Fred goes by "successfuleb-businessman" on eBay, and, well, I'll let him explain it:

I noticed on eBay the more successful sellers use models as props. I couldn't find a model or afford one so I hired the least expensive model I could find…ME!!! I am not a freak and – NO- I don't wear woman's clothes – ever – except to sell on eBay. I am an alpha dominant heterosexual unavailable (sorry girls) male (with a capital M) I am so secure in my masculinity that I CAN model woman’s clothing and accessories!

Fred is a pretty decent model, in my opinion, and he's got my eternal respect for pointing out the best feature of this dress — the pockets!

Fred tends to model only for the larger sizes, unsurprisingly … Act fast (click on the picture) if you want this dress; there's only a few hours left in the auction, and be sure to check out his other listings, as well as the questions he answers from potential bidders!

0 thoughts on “Have You Met Fred?

  1. Dahlings, you should all know that Fred and myself are involved in a Posing Contest on Ebay! One boho indie auction, and one rare couture auction. It has one more day to go. Fred’s brilliance is undeniable!You can go to Ebay, search Womens Vintage Clothing (any era) and enter GPO, and they should all pop up!BTW, I sold him the gold boots he is wearing in his auction. We’ve been friends for simply AGES. Tah!


  2. Thanks for the link! I had to add him to my favorites and just spent quite a while reading all of his auctions. He makes me downright cackle.


  3. I think I’d like to hang out with Fred sometime (and his woman, I’m not trying to hit on him). He’s a hoot. And apparently doesn’t mind nipplage on his dresses 🙂


  4. I think he bears an amazing likeness to Anna Piaggi! Google her, she is at all the European fashion shows, always with the most amazing outfits and HATS!


  5. “sorry the hat is not included because it goes with some of my other outfits”I. Love. Fred.Too bad I never buy real, ready-to-wear vintage anymore. I’d like to give him some business!–Lydia


  6. Thank you all for the kind words and comments – My girlfriend and I have had so much fun on eBay doing these auctions. It is great to see that others are enjoying the auctions – My main goal has always been to bring a few smiles and laughs – We sure have had our share in doing the auctions. This week I have the Twisted Tango Dress, School Girl who can’t spell and the spy girl dress – I can’t wait to read the stories as I haven’t figured them out yet and my gitlfriend can’t wait to take the pictures as she ends up with gut busting laughs…go figure…


  7. If any one has any info on the location of Boho Mountain…Would you please let me know…Fred seems rather reluctant to give up the secret…Or he lost the map…go figure…And I so want to know…I think it would make a fabulous vacation retreat


  8. I know the directions to the Boho Mountain guru – You go to Lolitaria -once downtown take the red eye to Timeless Vixania – there you must take the first bus out to Mamma Stone Mountain. Once there you are on your own as destiny must be discovered by your inner self…go figure…Boho Out Baby!


  9. This is hilarious! and he knows it’s funny so he’s taking the mick bigtime so as not to get laughed at!! Me and my flatmate have just had a massive giggling fit c/o your website introducing us to this comedian extraordinaire! We are forever indebted xx


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