I tag you all!


Summerset tagged me, so, here goes:

If you are tagged, you
1) Post 5 things about yourself that you have never posted
2) Tag 5 people whom you'd like to know more about

I have no idea what I've posted or not posted … feel free to Google and call foul on me in the comments.

1) I was the first, last, and only (as far as I know) National Junior Classical League Ambassador. This was way back in the late '80s. My "job" was to encourage the study of Latin (and Greek, too, I guess), but there was some kind of power-play between the outgoing student JCL president, who had thought up the position, and the main adult sponsor, who didn't think it was such a good idea, so I didn't end up doing much of anything. I did get a snazzy pin, though, and it looked great on my college applications.

2) Speaking of college, I ran a coffee shop when I was in school. This means that every person who was at the University of Chicago when I was there thinks they know me — I look so familiar! That's because I served them coffee every day. My favorite part was running the express line, with the ritual call of "Express Line: No soup, no pizza, no twenties, no waiting!"

3) Speaking of coffee, I don't actually drink it. I mean, I like coffee-flavor, and I love coffee candy (especially Pearson's Coffee Nips, which will break your teeth as sure as shooting), coffee ice cream, the smell of coffee (if people at the coffee shop asked me if the coffee was good, I would say "it smells great!") … and I will drink the occasional mocha frappuccino (aka the coffee milkshake) but I don't actually like the taste of hot regular liquid coffee. I always assumed that one day I'd be grown up and would drink coffee, but I guess I never grew up enough.

4) Another thing my childish self figured I would do when I was grown-up "enough" was smoke. My folks both smoked; that was just what grown-ups did, right? I even figured I'd smoke gold Benson & Hedges, just like my mom. Needless to say, if I never managed to grow up enough to drink coffee, I also never managed to grow up enough to smoke cigarettes. By the time I figured out that I wasn't smoking, there I was, a non-smoker. And thankfully, both my parents have also been non-smokers now for more than ten years!

5) And speaking of my forebears (well, the ones going back a-ways), I am supposedly a collateral descendant of a signer of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas McKean. (Collateral here means "descended from the same stock but by a different line", that is, I'm descended from the signer's brother, not the signer. What I really like about ol' Tom, though, is that he managed to hold multiple public offices at the same time. "One can scarcely believe the number of concurrent offices and duties this man performed during the course of his long career." So whenever I think I can't do everything I've signed up to do, I remember my illustrious forebear, who did so much — in several different states, simultaneously, and without indoor plumbing!

Now for the tagging part. I want to know more about all of you! I know a lot of you don't have blogs, so why don't each of you (who want to, of course, this is not compulsory) post something about yourself in the comments? If you do have a blog and want to do your five there, post a link in the comments. I promise to visit them all!

0 thoughts on “I tag you all!

  1. This is so fun! Everyone who posts is more interesting than the last! (well . . with the exception of THIS post)1. I am afraid of clowns. totally afraid.2. I worked one summer during college at a theme park (Dogpatch) and played a character named D. Brown. The D stood for “dateless” and I walked around the park and asked (threatened) little boys to marry me. I would drag them to our “Marryin’ Sam” and have him perform the “ceremony”. True story – I “married” my future husband there (he was 11, I was 18). We didn’t know it until after we were married and I was relaying the story of my kooky job and his mother ran and found pictures of their family trip to the same theme park. Funny – we lost all of our REAL wedding pictures so these are the only pics we have of “our wedding”.3. When I was little, I wanted to grow up to be BatGirl. Something about those dominatrix boots. I still love boots!4. I was REALLY good at picking my mom and dad!5. My kids say I make the best Belgian Waffles in the world.


  2. What an interesting bunch of people. Ok…1. I am descended from Cossack horsebreeders but can’t ride.2. My Russian granmother went to technical college to learn to become a seamstress (early last century) without ever having sewn in her life.3. I am still not half as talented or creative as she was even after a lifetime of sewing.4. It doesn’t matter because I’m still pretty darn good and I love it.5. I can drink coffee all day long.


  3. Well all right Erin Iam #3. I cant drink coffee. I think its cause my grandmother let me drink it when I was 5 so I drank coffee when I was 5 till I turned 15. Then I was drinking coffee one day when I was 15yrs old. I was working as a maid at a motel during the summer. I got the shakes so bad. I quit drinking coffee. I luv the taste of most coffee things. I luv coffe gum too. I cant drink coffee. I luv the smell of it tho. I do drink coffee milkshakes and I luv coffee candy.


  4. Erin that is great that your parents quit smoking. I should have read all the posts before I posted. My dh has quit smoking for 3 yrs now. Im so proud of him. I have not been posting much lately. Im in school at night this takes up a lot of my time. Iam just about done with my class.I bought dh a very expensive coffee pot and I do not even know how to work the dang thing. He has to set it up all the time. He drinks 6 cups a day. He has cut back. He useed to use coffee as breakfast and lunch.I dont know how to sew with out help. Im hoping to start sewing in the near future when I get some things taken care of. I love you blog Erin.


  5. This is cool. I don’t have a blog, but will write five things about me that I don’t usually tell other people.1. I’m a synestethist. That means my brain “code” words, phrases and numbers as color and pattern.2. I have an extremely high IQ.3. I design clothes and collections in my head all day long.4. I descend from a french count who had a severed moslem head as his coat of arms.5. I see color and hear music in my dreams. I’m told this is very rare and I wonder if its part of the synesthetist thing.


  6. 1. I don’t drink tea or coffee. This is considered bizarre by about 95% of everyone I know.2. I made my first dresses aged 16. My mum made me re-do the zip on one of them 3 times.3. I designed my first dress soon after – luridly bright fuchsia knit, long sleeves, turtle neck, fitting, black hook-and-eye tape all the way down the back (it was 1989!). I’ve still got it but DO NOT wear it.4. Wearing dresses was interrupted by my breastfeeding years. Couldn’t be done.5. Most of the dresses featured on A Dress A Day are not ones I’d wear. The vintage ones in particular are not to my taste. I’m here for the writing . . . I’m here for The Erin. (Love ya!)


  7. Anonymous~Nope…Hannah Duston’s statue was erected in 1874, beating Haughert by ten years.Hannah was rocking the colonies in 1693, and she still regularly crops up in historical, social and religious journals, causing debate, praise, and condemnation. She was just a simple woman who had had enough, (her baby being killed and then being told she would have to walk the gauntlet and be beaten.)She refused to be a victim, and dealt with her circumstances. Oh, and she’s also a Jim Beam bottle too! How fun is that?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hannah_Duston


  8. Oh migosh! I’ve heard of your ancestor before, and I’m already familiar with her story, from a coworker I knew years ago, who (if I’m remembering correctly) was ALSO related to her. In fact, she is the person I was trying to find (but I could not recall her name).I stopped my search too soon!Nine children! She was already an amazing woman even before her abduction.I am somewhat inappropriately reminded of Bugs Bunny (please forgive my twisted and wandering mind), who has had enough, and turns toward the audience and utters those famous words, “Of course you know, this means war.”CMC (aka Anonymous)


  9. 1. I am a vegetarian, but I would love to go all vegan, unfortunately I love food too much + I guess I just cannot deal with people passing even more judgement on me.2. I truly dislike touching dough, especially for bread, but I have found a way to get around it; I just spread it out with a spatula, sprinkle some rosemary, salt and olive oil on it and call it foccacia.3. I own more than 50 pairs of shoes (non-leather), my boyfriends thinks I only own 26 pairs (he counted the ones he could find.4. My boyfriend thinks he does not like onions, I put onions in almost everything I cook, and he never notices – and I don’t even feel guilty about it since he doesn’t cook more than once a week! 5. I have worn skirts or dresses at least 5 times a week, I have done so for a couple of years now, and I love it! Dressing it up a little just makes a difference in my life!


  10. Love this site! Thanks for all the fun and inspiration!My 5 will be:1. I’m an identical twin and my father was a twin and my brother has twin boys. 2. The only sewing machine I own just goes forwards and backwards and zig zag. Nothing else. 3. I hate tomato soup and ketchup, but love tomato sauce.4. I make a full-time living being a writer. 5. i was once an artist’s model. My blog is about me and my dating life after 15 years of marriage. Come visit and laugh!www.singlesand45s.blogspot.com


  11. Hello, Erin and friends!!I accidently found your blog by googling gemini and quilt!! And what a joy to read your blog, Erin, and also the comments from others. Now I have decided that it is time to start my own blog!So, just for your enjoyment, here are my five bits:1. I have never made a dress in my life!! However, my sister (younger by seven years) is a great seamstress. Her most memorable endeavour, as part of a Home Ec project, was to create a dress for herself from my prom dress. The teacher informed her that the layers and layers of chiffon had to be cut on the bias, so she followed the directions. The dress she created was beautiful, a great improvement on what I had worn, and earned her an A+ for the project. However, she was never able to wear the dress, because of all the bias-cut “bits” the skirt just never draped properly!!2. Speaking of drapes, I have spent hours making drapes for our bedroom! I had a good deal on the fabric, costing around $300 – it is a HUGE window. I even lined them. The results were great! However, it being a west-facing window, the drapes soon developed a huge faded rectangle! Mini-blinds now!3. My major interest in sewing, as indicated earlier is quilting. I retired from teaching a few years ago and have finally had the time to begin quiiting. My love is stained glass quilts and hangings. Right now I am in the middle of making a rather elaborate quilt which I really must get finished soon. Especially since we painted the bedroom last year to match the quilt! LOL4. The we referred to above is my partner and myself. I am a lesbian, happily married to my best friend! We have been together for almost twenty- two years but have only been married for one and a half, because of the laws. She stays well clear of the sewing machine but she does make all the bias tape for my stained glass projects.5. So, you have guessed that I am not American; I am Canadian, living in Nova Scotia, one of the most beautiful spots on earth. I have travelled through much of Canada, many of the states, some Caribbean islands, Fiji, News Zealand and Australia. Yet I am always happy to get back to our peaceful, beautiful home by the sea!So, now I will either post this on myspace as well, or find a quilting blog site. But I’ll be checking back here regularly, Erin.Good luck to all and enjoy your sewing.


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