Waiting For Summer

popsicle dress

Do any of y'all remember the popsicle fabric I bought off eBay, way back in December 2005? Well, I hardly remembered it either, until I was in the sewing room this past weekend looking for something else, and then I remembered that last fall I had started to make a dress out of it.

I say "started", because, in a true triumph of hope over experience, I put it together in September. This happens to me a lot. It's early September, it's still in the high seventies, degree-wise, and I think, "Oh, sure, I'll make one last summer dress and wear it for a few weeks before I break out the sweaters." No. I usually get it right to this stage (the dress above is missing the side zipper and the hem isn't finished) and then, BOOM! The temperature drops to 50, I have absolutely no interest in popsicles, either to eat or to wear, and the poor dress has to live in purgatory all winter long.

I figure round about March I'll feel like finishing this up. Here's a close-up of the bodice:

popsicle dress

I'm very pleased, though, that this dress has all the colors I said I was going to concentrate on this summer: yellow, blue, green, and orange. If I really stick to that plan, maybe I can even justify buying these shoes, in blue …

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