Isaac Mizrahi Wants to Sketch Your Dream Dress!

Isaac Mizrahi sketch-a-dress

You read that right. Isaac’s Style Book is launching a new feature called Sketch-A-Dress. Yep, think up a dress, any dress, even an impossible dress made of cotton candy with soap-bubble trim, or barbed wire and Christmas tinsel, and email Isaac with it; Isaac will then select his favorites and sketch them. The results will be published in issue no. 2 of Isaac’s Style Book (April 2007) and posted online.

Needless to say, when I heard about this — well, I typed so fast I thought my keyboard was going to overheat. Seriously, there was smoke, and a weird smell like burning hair. (Although maybe that last was coming from my head, as my neurons churned, and not the keyboard.)

Even if my dream dress isn't chosen (sob!) I can't wait to see what he does sketch. Isaac is a man who Truly Understands The Dress. He isn't always trying to "reinvent" it; he knows it's an ideal form (a la Plato) and is solely concerned with making the ideal real. Thus this contest!

So send 'em in! And cross your fingers (or hold your thumbs) for my entry …


0 thoughts on “Isaac Mizrahi Wants to Sketch Your Dream Dress!

  1. Sort of OT (and not at all shameless self-promotion): if you read my blog you will see that I do weekend links to stuff I really enjoy, plus I have commented here before like a normal person who loves fashion, and I included your site in today’s Friday Fashion entry.I adore your Secret Lives of Dresses series. Don’t delete the links any time soon, because I just posted it for my (12) readers. :)Love your dresses. You and Miz Shoes should team up. (Her blog is called Today’s Shoes, but you’ll have to look it up, because even though she’s in my b-roll, I am too lazy to open another tab. Sorry, it’s Friday and my brain is running on fumes. It’s astonishing enough that I actually did a Friday Fashion after… er… a few weeks…!)


  2. My sketch-a-dress request was chosen! At least that is what the email said from an “intern” though I’ve not heard a word back when I responded with a question… This is either the best news (read jumping up and down until I’m dizzy) or a cruel hoax!Anyone know how I can get the style book? I live in Oregon, and there in NO LINK on the Isaac M. website to purchase sending one… only a free download. If indeed the sketch of my request is in the April issue, I’d sure like the style book. I can’t find out if they will send me a copy of the sketch! Going nuts here! Any ideas?


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