Giant Post about Possible Oscar Dresses

Msbelle and Pamela sent me a ton of possibles for this year's Oscars, so if any prominent Hollywood stylists are reading this blog, here's all your work done for you, by them.

Pamela points out that this dress has already been purchased by Angelina Jolie. Whether she wears it to the Oscars or not (haven't seen a lot of short dresses lately), I'm sure we can all agree that this is one hell of a dress:

Carol Robins

Click on the image to check out the front, which is just as stunning.

Pamela also suggests this Ceil Chapman dress, perhaps for Renée Zellweger?

Ceil Chapman

Msbelle likes this one, and I do too:

Edwardian evening dress

I see this on someone a bit edgier, maybe Cate Blanchett? Although this is only 55" shoulder to front hem, so perhaps you don't have to be a total glamazon to wear it.

This one (also suggested by msbelle) is 100% Jennifer Garner. Don't you agree?

grecian sheath dress

Where *this* one is J.Lo:

Giorgio dress

I can't even express how much I love this Elie Saab one msbelle sent. The gray! The bands!

elie saab dress

This one is really gorgeous, too, but I can't imagine who would wear it. Nicole Kidman? I think she had her fill of this color a few years ago.

elie saab dress

Got a vintage dress to match with a celebrity? Or a celebrity to match with a vintage dress? Play along in the comments!

0 thoughts on “Giant Post about Possible Oscar Dresses

  1. I vote this one for Meryl Streep (sorry, no front view). And this sexy little number for Liv Tyler. Liv’s even comes with a shawl.–Lydia


  2. The cream pleated one looks like Halle Berry to me! I gasped when I saw the black dress. Stunning, simply stunning. And perfect for Angelina Jolie.


  3. This was a really clever post. You are really perceptive and a good writer. Have you ever thought about writing about fashion for People or similar publication ?


  4. The one you’ve suggested Cate Blanchett for I could also see on someone like Kirsten Dunst/Natalie Portman. But maybe that’s just because I’ve seen them in similar dresses before and found it lovely.


  5. While I love the dress for Cate Blanchett, it may be a little to reminiscent of the dinner party dress worn by Kate Winslet on Titanic. Do you think?


  6. Well, actually the last one is more Renee Zelwegger. And if J. Lo. is smart she ought to go with the full skirted gray and black. I really like the lacy black edwardian style. But, I don’t know who’s up that could wear it.


  7. How can one who loves sewing and adores fabrics so much care so little about a bunch of overpaid women prancing around in borrowed dresses and jewels for a night of excesses…? I’m not bitter, really. I just can’t care about these people.As far as the dresses go though, I like the dress you chose for Cate B., though


  8. I think that Angelina’s contract with St. John stipulates that she wear only their clothes to red carpet events, which is a shame because that dress would look amazing on her.


  9. How about THIS? for Kidman? The top dress, I mean. Its a little over the top, but toned down with a solid black underdress it would be stunning. And that little back/hip bustle is convertible so can be left down so it has a less angles. I actually cant see Angelina in that dress she bought, I dont think I’ve seen her in a short dress. But I don’t pay much attention, I didnt realize the Oscars were this weekend until just now! I love looking at Vintage Textile…what a superb array of vintage. Ang


  10. I don’t have any suggestions to add, but thank you for the link to Vintage Textiles! Spent half an hour drooling over the vintage party dresses. Another site to waste time on the internet with. Oh well…


  11. Great picks. I especially love the black beaded gown, 60’s sheath and the brocade. I agree that the Ceil Chapman would look faboulous on Renee Zellweger!


  12. (i will say that, ‘tho i enjoy seeing oscar fashions, i can also appreciate the value of mickey’s anti-oscar comment upthread).i often wonder what happens to beautiful, high-quality vintage that gets sold to celebrities or stylists. they buy to wear, which means that unreversable alterations may occur, even some drastic vintage “reinterpretations.”also, stylists and celebrities are not necessarily curators. “younger vintage,” like that from the ’40s forward, might be able to take these stresses better. also, ‘tho a lot of “older vintage” is certainly wearable, it’s often “wearable with care,” which celebrities outfitted in vintage by stylists might not fully appreciate.just a few, random, vintage thoughts on oscar 🙂


  13. Do you guys do rental’s…there’s someone’s swwet 16 coming up and I’d like to surprise them with either that mint green or the dark wine colored dress right after the mint green. If so, what are the price ranges…the shipment info…and the dress sizes????


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