A Day Late, More Than A Few Dollars Short

blackbird dress

Carol (of Dandelion Vintage) sent me the link to this auction, which I missed. Completely whiffed. Got behind on my email from being away (>800 real, that is, non-spam, messages) and flat-out didn't get to it in time.

Which is a shame, because LOOK!

blackbird dress

Yep, those are little blackbirds spelling out letters of the alphabet. Why? I don't know, but I don't much care, either. I just love it.

Of course, it's probably a good thing that I didn't bid, because I don't know if I would have gone up to $141, which is where the auction ended. And of course I haven't really been wearing my vintage stuff all that much lately, so perhaps I would have spent the $$ and then let it languish in my closet. Better for it to have a good home, with someone who will wear it in the sunshine. Or, you know, a smoky bar. Wherever. As long as it's worn.

However, I have absolutely put these pics in my file labeled "For the Glorious Day When I Have My Own Fabric Mill," because I really want blackbird-alphabet fabric. I also want hedgehog alphabet fabric, too … just in case you see any of that around.

0 thoughts on “A Day Late, More Than A Few Dollars Short

  1. I didn’t know how much I wanted blackbird-alphabet fabric until I saw this. That’s one of the best things about vintage, the sense of whimsy. I love the way the top of the dress contrasts, too, and the way the buttons contrast with the top. Too cute – I’m glad I didn’t see it either, because it’s not a great color for me but it’s the right size (pretty rare!) and the sleeves are a little too poofy for me, but I’d have been really tempted by that fabric. I too hope it gets worn, a lot!


  2. I think the prints may be too small and cutesy but you can check out this site http://www.superbuzzy.com/ for hedgehogs (they appear to be listed under “happy hedgehogs” but I only scanned the first 5 pages of prints – and there are numbers not letters mixed up with the hogs).


  3. That’s exactly what most repro fabrics miss (well, besides the color schemes). They don’t produce these prints that seem to have come from the mind of some highly imaginative and illogical fabric designer. Wouldn’t you love to be with that designer the day she came up with this idea? What spawned it? Did others laugh at her before the big boss came in and declared it brilliant?


  4. –don’t you think the dress was made by a kindergarten teacher (or the mom of a kindergarten kid), to wear to a Halloween party?


  5. On a related note, check out the Alphabet exhibition. There are a quite a few alphabets made from items like food, furniture, jewelery, etc. (no hedgehogs though…)


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