I'm Not Sewing

jellybean dress

Seriously. I am not sewing right now. I mean, I'm still thinking about sewing, and planning to sew, and still doing the occasional bit of mending, and Lord, am I ever still buying fabric (look here soon for something made of REAL DOTTED SWISS) but I'm not actually sewing. Too much work right now, and the weather's still too crappy for the instant gratification of make-summer-dress, wear-summer-dress.

So this, then, is not a recent creation, but a 'test garment' that I did several months ago. It went together fine, and then I realized that I didn't have enough of the 'real' fabric to make the dress now that I knew it actually fit, so the project was abandoned. This test dress is wearable, though! I need to hem the sleeves (or rather, tack down the facings), shorten the skirt (and eventually hem it), and I have to take the front of the skirt apart and add big flappy patch pockets, but that's not a big deal.

I'm calling this the jelly bean dress, because it reminds me of nothing so much as it does Yarnstorm's lovely jelly bean cushions. I think if I ever were lucky enough to meet Yarnstorm I'd have to wear this dress … and then we'd eat candy-covered cupcakes that matched it. I'd better get cracking, right? Always better to be prepared.

The fabric is from the remnant table at Vogue, from the depressingly tiny "60 inch wide cotton prints" section; I'm there so much I should really send the nice remnant-watcher lady a Christmas card. And this is a vintage pattern, but I don't remember the number and if I go upstairs I'm going to wake my little boy, and if I wake him he'll wake my husband. The boy doesn't have school today, so might as well let 'em sleep …

0 thoughts on “I'm Not Sewing

  1. I thought I was the only one left making test dresses! I just did a test dress to custom fit my daughter’s communion dress pattern and she’s wearing the test dress to her spring concert. Get cracking woman and get those pockets on there!


  2. I have vintage pattern rather similar to this one, except it’s designed to be sleeveless, and it has…wait for it…a midriff band! This makes it look fab in striped fabric, because you can get a chevron on the bodice, horizontal stripes on the band, and vertical stripes on the skirt.


  3. Yes! Please DO letus know that pattern number! Man, that is TIMELESS. I could make that now and wear it for years to come. In 48 different fabrics, of course.


  4. if i had to think of a candy, it would remind me of those candy dots on paper.anyway, i sympathize with you regarding the weather. it looks like everything should clear up by this weekend. (in boston at least)


  5. What a lovely dress! What is the “real” fabric you were planning to use? This dress is the kind that I’ve been mentally designing ever since I became a mom and wanted something to wear around home that was cool (in both senses of the word), practical, and NOT SHORTS. I am inching my way through a skirt right now (chambray, with feed-sack bias trim on the pockets) and then I have promised myself To Make A Dress. Wish me luck!


  6. It looks gorgeous! May I suggest not shortening it? Up to you of course. I’d also say no to big flappy patch pockets, but who am I kidding – this is YOU, right? Rock on with your fabulous self, Pocket Queen.


  7. BTW – everything I make is the test garment! Attempt II always turns out much better. (I wear the test garments anyway!)


  8. This is so cute there is no need for a version#2. I say go with the pockets, but then again I am a huge pocket fan.


  9. Really cute! I’ve been making spring/summer dresses because the weather warms up a little, then it gets yucky and cold again and I can’t wear them! Boo …pamici


  10. I’m joining the cries for the pattern number…I love that dress! I would also like the number for whatever pattern harthad was describing because I love midriff bands…almost as much as I love low-waisted dresses…


  11. For mary beth:My pattern was Vogue 6282, from 1947. It’s too bad I can’t locate a photo to link to anymore…


  12. OK, this would look so adorable with a big wide belt and some cute bright sandals . . . or you could go really casual with it and just wear fancy flip-flops and a hat. Either way, you must eat ice cream when you wear this dress.


  13. omg i love you. you remind me of my mother when i was a child. my favorite memories of her were creations JUST like this. such a happy moment


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