Somebody Thinks I Think, I Think

Thinking Blogger Award

Julie (of the blog High Fiber Content) has nominated me for the Thinking Blogger Award! Which, whoa.

In order to claim my award, I have to link to five blogs that make me think. Which, upon reflection, was harder to do than I thought it would be: I really ONLY read blogs that make me think, because I prefer thinking to almost any other form of activity. (Except, perhaps, roller-skating.)

Anyway, here are the five blogs that routinely make me think HARD, in alphabetical order:

Fashion Incubator. I love to read Kathleen's blog, because I like to know what goes on behind the curtain of the garment industry, and she pulls it all the way back.

I Blame the Patriarchy. Twisty is helping me try to reduce my complicity in the patriarchial system. Somewhat. I'm working on it.

Jane In Progress. Again, another blog that pulls back the curtain, this time on television. I love to see how things work with their cunning gears and wires! And Jane shows how scripts work. And jokes. And lunch. Delish.

Raw Thought (from Aaron Swartz). Is it cheating to nominate a blog with "thought" right in its title for a Thinking Blogger award?

Think Denk. I know NOTHING about classical music, and in the real 'nothing' sense, not the "I know NOTH-ink!" Hogan's Heroes Schultz sense. But when I read this blog I can sometimes see things swimming toward me out of the fog.

Thank you, Julie, for nominating me!

0 thoughts on “Somebody Thinks I Think, I Think

  1. Erin, your blog makes me think more than any other, and that’s why I read it regularly. I’m glad to see you being recognized in this way.It’s also SO great to see someone naming “thinking” as their almost very favourite activity!Thanks for showing the way to those other blogs; I checked out I Blame the Patriarchy, and laughed and enjoyed and felt that I hadn’t seen anything cutting through the murk that way for a LONG time.(This is not groupie-ism! Just thought that after you referred to yourself as having been pointed out as a thinking blogger, you deserved a comment!)


  2. Thanks for the links. I went to read Aaron Swartz’s blog and got stuck over there. Now I’ve added it to my blog list and I really should cull the ones I don’t read any more. Yours however, is not one of those!


  3. Wow, congratulations! Well-deserved. You sure make me think! You lure me in with all the pretty dresses and the next thing I know we’re covering the unreliability of intercultural translation (April 27) or the wonkiness of website merchandising (April 24) or office politics (April 19). Keep on thinking!


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